Ten Reasons to Add the Pool to Your Fitness Over 40 Exercise Plan

by Pool Builders on 07-05-2013 in Articles

1. Swimming is a Major League Calorie Burner
How many calories will you burn? If you weigh 150 pounds, you'll burn an average of 260 calories per half hour of moderate swimming as opposed to 140 calories for a half hour of low impact aerobics. Swimming is a great calorie burner. Some scientists believe you will burn additional calories because your body has to work to keep your body temperature up, which is an extra bonus.

2. Pool Workouts are Easy on the Joints
If you've got ankle, knee or hip issues, you'll want to take it easy on running, walking, aerobics or even using the elliptical machine. You can swim for hours, though, because swimming is a no-impact sport. Just be sure not to overuse your shoulders by switching up which stroke you use.

3. Water Offers Resistance
The water offers natural resistance, making it a perfect muscle toner. Try your dry land calisthenics in the pool and see how much harder it is to do them in the water. It's like adding a resistance band to your routine!

4. Cool Water Counters Swelling and Bruising
If you've overdone another form of exercise and have swollen joints, you'll find the cool water brings down the swelling.

5. Pool Workouts are Refreshing
You won't feel sweaty during or after a pool workout!

6. Swimming Challenges All Parts of Your Body
Depending on the stroke you choose, you can work your upper or lower body equally. Most swimming strokes, when performed properly, also require you to naturally tighten your abdominal muscles, resulting in a core workout as well. Take a class to learn how to properly perform several swim strokes and then vary your routine. Try kick boarding (including deep kicks) for an amazing lower body workout.

7. Pool Jogging and Walking is Tougher Than it Looks
You might feel like you're moving in slow motion, but even marathoners use pool walking and pool jogging as training techniques to gain speed and endurance while protecting their joints.

8. Masters Swim Groups are Incredibly Inspirational
If you join a masters swim group, you'll meet a bunch of dedicated swimmers who love the pool and love to inspire others. The comradeship is rewarding and the workouts challenging. Masters swim groups are perfect ways to take get inspired to take solo swimming to a higher level.

9. Water Aerobics Classes Tone and Burn Calories Simultaneously
As you can imagine, water aerobics classes both burn calories and tone your muscles, all without getting disgustingly sweaty.

10. Pool Workouts Can Be Adjusted to Suit Any Fitness Level
Not in great shape? Or looking for a greater challenge? The pool is perfect for any level of athletic ability, since swimming is one of the most adjustable forms of exercise there is. You can swim at whatever pace works best for your fitness level and fitness goals, and you can choose swim strokes or swimming aids (kick boards, paddles, flippers) to support you or to add to the challenge as desired.

Pool Workouts for Your Fitness Over 40 Plan

So... what are you waiting for? Get bathing suit shopping and hop in the pool for your best workouts yet!

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