Ten Tips For Caring For Your Expensive Plus Size Swim Suits

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2006 in Articles

If you have shopping recently for plus size swim suits, you may have experienced sticker shock. You can expect to pay from $60 to over $100 if you want a quality suit that will hold up for more than a couple of dips in the pool. Once you have found the style right for you, you will need to protect your investment. Here are the ten ways to keep you plus size swimsuits looking good throughout the season and beyond.

1. First, make sure that you purchase plus size swim suits that are made from chlorine resistant fabric. Most good brands, such as Speedo and Jantzen use only these types of fabrics for their suits. Chlorine resistant does not mean chlorine proof, but good swimsuit fabric should not fade or deteriorate quickly.

2. Look or a high Spandex content on the swimsuit tag. A suit that has a higher amount of this stretchy material will hold its shape longer and help keep bulges under control.

3. Buy at least two suits if you will be wearing swimwear more than two days in a row. Spandex requires about a day to dry thoroughly and return to its original shape.

4. Wash your swimsuit with mild detergent (use shampoo, in a pinch) after each use. It's not enough just to rinse it out because plain water will not remove chlorine or salt. Do not wring the water out of your suit. This can cause streaking and stretching.

5. Never place your swim suit in the washing machine and/or dryer. Both will deteriorate the Spandex and ruin the built-in bra cups. One of the main reasons that plus size suits are expensive is because of the sewn-in foundations, so always, hand wash your swimwear.

6. Stay out of hot tubs in a quality swim suit. The chemicals and heat will quickly destroy the fabric. If you are going to soak in a hot tub, wear a suit that you don't mind damaging.

7. Try not to sit on rough surfaces of beaches or pools. You can prevent snagging, pilling, and tearing by simply placing a towel beneath your bottom.

8. Don't hang dry your suit in the sun. After hand washing your suit, let it drip dry in a bath or laundry room. The sun will bleach the color and toughen the fabric.

9. Keep sunscreen on your skin and away from your suit. Some sunscreens will permanently stain swimwear.

10. Finally, buy the right suit for the right activity. Swimsuits that are designed for actual swimming or diving, not merely sunbathing, will generally be more durable than fashion suits.

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