Termites to Rock Pools in Litchfield National Park

by Pool Builders on 02-14-2011 in Articles

After keeping all amused playing with the sounds of a Didgeridoo, Joey the driver put a music CD featuring a visually disabled Aboriginal singer with the name of Geoffrey Gurrumul. I enjoyed his music; I found the CD as I went through duty free on the way home and bought it. I do not know that it had a great deal of appeal for the young people, but it certainly added to the drive.

Our next stop was to see what appeared to be acres of termite nests in the Litchfield national Park. These were magnificent mounds of cathedral and magnetic termites. One of the nests was higher than the minibus! Looking across a lot of them was like looking at acres of tombstones, eerie and very strange. The obligatory photo taken it was back on the bus to go to the Wangi falls and our lunch stop. The driver started the bus and suddenly stopped it calling out he had seen a dangerous snake! He proceeded to pick it up so we could all take photographs. After which he threw it into the bus amidst screams from everyone. It was rubber snake that he had cleverly manipulated to look like a real one. Everyone saw the humor and it was appreciated and chuckled over by everyone on the bus!

He parked the bus at the Wangi falls, while most of the young people donned swimsuits and went swimming in the rock pool. Fed by two waterfalls it was a storybook beautiful place. The calm mirrored surface broken only by the swimmers, and even then swimming was done with care so as not to break it up, truly a magical spot. While those with lovely figures enjoyed swimming, I went hiking up to the lookout point above the falls, through virgin rainforest plants and trees. Many with nametags for identification that was excellent. It was certainly a warm walk with the temperatures in the upper thirty degree Celsius range.

Arriving back at the bus we all helped prepare a picnic lunch of salads, meats and sandwiches, there was always plenty of cold water available, in fact, it was the most thirst quenching of any of the drinks in my opinion. I bumped into my friend who had taken the considerably dearer trip and here we were all seeing the same things! After lunch, it was back on the road again to visit The Toley falls, the Buley rock hole and the Florence falls.

The Florence falls were very pretty and an easy walk from the bus. The young folks headed to the Buley rock hole to go swimming and a natural spa! I chose to take the walk from the Florence falls instead of being driven. A walk from memory about 1.5 kms all through Australian bush and along side a stream that tumbled and flowed through the bush. Strangely silent I do not remember hearing any birdsong on the entire walk.

Further up the stream were a couple sitting in the cold water, drinking I imagine an equally cold beer! Reaching the Buley hole, there were people everywhere enjoying the natural spa. The water tumbling off the rocks onto hot bodies must have been stress relieving to say the least. Time to go and all the girls in their bikinis, and guys in shorts piled back into the bus for the return trip to Darwin. Still clad in swimming gear we arrived at a shop for ice creams and food, the kids all changed and we spent a happy time chatting under an awning, eating or drinking something cold. It was so nice to be included in their day. As we approached Darwin we were all given vouchers to have an evening meal as well, I couldn't speak highly enough of this trip. I also understand that not everyone would appreciate the lightness of spirit that all these young people from all over the world shared with me that day.

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