Terrific Places for Children in Taree City  

by Pool Builders on 11-17-2012 in Articles

Most cheap motels in Taree, Australia don't have a swimming pool or playground where kids can play. So rather than see them throw tantrums all day, bring them to some of the city's public sites where they can play with other children freely.

A good place to start is at Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre, the city's version of the YMCA. For a small amount, you and your kids can go swimming, exercise, and even just relax at the Jacuzzi facilities. But if it is way too crowded, you can always bring them to these places:

Parks and Playgrounds

There are various playgrounds in the city where you can bring your kids to play. Children only need open spaces where they can run around, other kids to play with, and their imagination to have a good time. Andrews Reserve and Fotheringham Park are well-maintained and feature facilities for family picnics like barbecue grills. These parks also have their own toilets, making it extra convenient for the whole family.

Skate Parks and Bike Paths

While some parents teach their kids to fish or play catch, others teach their kids how to skate or ride a bike. Taree Skate Park is situated in Johnny Martin Oval, on the corner of Albert and Manning Streets. This is a good place to have a great bonding experience with the family. It is also a nice venue for character building where your little ones can develop courage, trust, patience, and resilience -- and have tons of fun at the same time.

Swimming Pool

If your accommodation in Taree doesn't have a swimming pool, you can head down to places where there are large pools in which you can teach your kids how to swim. Aside from Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre mentioned above, you can also drive down to the nearby Krambach Pool or Old Bar Pool. Just don't forget to bring towels and sunscreen before you leave your motel in Taree [http://www.motorlodge.com.au/].

Public Libraries

The Greater Taree City Libraries have facilities and programs for small kids. Your little ones will surely enjoy story-telling sessions where you and your kids can spend some good quality time through reading and listening. The library also has a youth's space where teens can enjoy some good entertainment and live performances by their peers. Afterwards, you can drop by a fast food restaurant before going back to your cheap yet wonderful motel in Taree City.

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