Texas Swimming Holes  

by Pool Builders on 04-09-2009 in Articles

Summer time in Austin can mean blistering heat and intense sunshine, but hiding in the house, soaking up the air conditioning isn't the only way to stay cool in this busy city. Residents and visitors to the Austin area can take advantage of the 48 public pool facilities that are operated by the Parks and Recreation Department's Aquatics Division. Additionally, there are several other great locations for swimming, many of which are open all year long. Check out some local favorites that will help you keep cool on those sweltering days.

Campbell's Hole - Campbell's Hole is a wonderful, natural swimming hole, situated on Barton Creek. The pool is banked by a small, rocky beach and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Bathers can enjoy an expansive wading area, plenty of middle-depth water for swimming, and a 16-foot deep diving area. The pool is guarded, and open year-round, allowing for enjoyment in any season.

Barton Springs - Barton Springs is one of the most popular pools in the area. It is man-made from the damming of Barton Creek, but is spring-fed with natural water. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy 900 feet of cool and comfortable water, with the comfort of certified lifeguards watching over them. Keep in mind that this being a natural water pool, bacteria levels and heavy rain may result in closures, so call to be sure the swimming are is open.

Hamilton Pool - If you are looking for a beautiful and relaxing environment, in addition to a great place to swim, Hamilton Pool is the place to be. From the 75 foot waterfall at the back of the pool, to the sandy beach at the entrance, the best in nature and beauty surrounds you. The pools is guarded the majority of the time, but there are a few windows of unguarded swimming time. Use caution if you visit and swim in the early morning or late evening.

Deep Eddy Pool - While the Deep Eddy Pool is not one of Texas' natural wonders, locals find it to be one of the most fun and exciting community pools to enjoy. From a wading pool to lap lanes, this pool has something for everyone. The man-made, chlorinated pool has many special events throughout the summer months, including movie nights where family films are played on a large screen near the pool.

Stacy Pool - In the off-season or when days are cooler, Stacy Pool is one of the best picks for lap swimming or just having fun. The pool's water is warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather, coming from a naturally heated well. The gates open each morning at 6 am and close in the evenings at 8pm, giving those who want to enjoy the water plenty of opportunities.

These are just a few of the prime swimming holes that can be found in the Austin area. There are dozens more options to explore when the weather heats up, or even when you just are looking for a place to get a little aquatic exercise. Nature and the city of Austin have teamed up to provide visitors and residents with some of the best swimming areas the whole world over.

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