Texas' Top 10 Swimming Holes  

by Pool Builders on 12-13-2012 in Articles

Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs Pool is located in Austin in Zilker Park. The pool was formed when Barton Creek was dammed. It has a natural gravel and rock bottom of varying depths and is over 900 feet long. Cool spring water continually flows into the pool from Balcones Fault. The water averages 68 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Devil's Waterhole

Devil's Waterhole is located in Inks Lake State Park in Burnet. It took millions of years for the water to erode the solid granite sufficiently to create the swimming hole.

Balmorhea State Park

Balmorhea State Park is located in Toyahvale. The swimming hole in this park covers over an acre of land. It is 25 feet deep, and is fed by the San Solomon Springs. The pool's temperature varies between 72 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Blanco State Park

This small park is located in Blanco. It contains a wide lagoon and several other ideal swimming areas that were created when a series of small dams were built in the Blanco River.

Blue Hole

Blue Hole is located in Wimberley. It has historically been a top swimming hole in Texas. The Blue Hole is spring fed, and surrounded by 126 acres of fields and forests.

Burger's Lake

Burger's Lake is a large park located in Fort Worth. It features a spring-fed lake with a sandy bottom that is used for swimming. There are two sandy beaches and lots of shade trees surrounding the lake. The lake itself covers an acre of land.

Garner State Park

This park is located in Concan. Its swimming hole, in the Frios River, is one of the most popular in southern Texas.

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool, located in Austin, was created when, years ago, a cave below Hamilton Creek collapsed and filled with water. The result is a spring-fed swimming hole that covers over 200 acres of land in a beautiful box canyon.

Krause Springs

Krause springs is located at the bottom of a bluff in Spicewood near the Cypress Creek headwaters. This 70 foot by 20 foot swimming hole is fed by two springs. The water averages approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Landa Park

Landa Park is located in New Braunfels. The water in the park's spring-fed swimming hole averages 73 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Las Moras Springs

Las Moras Springs is located in Brackettville on the grounds of Fort Clark. The Las Moras springs continually fill the 300-foot long swimming hole that is located at the headwaters of Las Moras Creek.

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