That Cloudy Swimming Pool May Not Be Yellow Algae

by Pool Builders on 03-09-2007 in Articles

Last spring I had a problem with my swimming pool that stumped both my pool supply company and myself. It was during early Florida spring when all of that yellow dust or pollen is in the air. My pool began to get cloudier and cloudier and the filter could not seem to keep up with clearing the water.

Usually during this time of the year the sand filter had no trouble keeping up with the pollen. It just needed to be back-flushed more often.

This year it was different. As the days went by I was no longer able to see the bottom of the pool and it wasn't getting any better. At that time I figured that I better take a water sample down to the pool chemical supplier and have them test it. When I tested it always came back with readings indicating that all of the chemicals were in their ideal range. The pool chemical supplier said that the water looked OK and that my problem is most likely yellow or mustard algae. I bought chemicals to treat the algae which required that the filter be running for twenty-four hours to be effective. When I checked the water the next day it was even worse yet. I went back to the pool chemical company and they told me that the process would work it just took time, but that I should start seeing results.

After not seeing results I went to a different pool supply company and the people there knew what the problem was right away just by looking at the water sample that I had brought in. They said that it was the filter. The sand in the filter had become ineffective so I changed the sand and ran the filter for another twenty-four hours and it cleared right up. It turned out that the sand in a sand filter can lose its edges over a few years of being in a filter so the contaminants just pass right through it and back into the pool.

It definitely would have benefited me to get a second opinion before I took any action on trying to fix the cloudy water problem. The cost of running the filter all of those extra hours and the algae chemical were unnecessary expenses.

Changing the sand in a pool filter is routine maintenance that should be done every two years. To keep it running at its peak performance.

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