The 2 Top Mistakes when Buying a Soft Side Above Ground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-23-2008 in Articles

There are some common mistakes which are made every year when it comes to the selection of a Above Ground Swimming pool for the backyard. Before you purchase a pool, understand that what you learn here will take you out of being just another unhappy pool purchaser this year.

Being in the business of selling Above Ground Swimming pools for almost 6 years now, I see the same mistakes being made year after year by so many folks, that I decided to outline them here for you. Maybe with a little education, you can be one of the happy swimmers this year with your Above Ground Swimming Pool.

Mistake #1: Waiting Until its 100 Degrees to buy a Pool

The most frequent mistake that people make concerning Above Ground Pools is that they wait until the busiest time of the swimming pool season to purchase a pool. Every year as the temperature rises, so does the demand for pools and subsequently; the price you will pay. Most manufactures limit their production to accommodate what they feel the seasons demand will be. They ship product from March through June and then they are done. No More. This means that supplies are limited even though it may not seem that way, no more pools are being made until the next year. Prices skyrocket as demand increases and the retailers no that they don't have the opportunity to order more. They live with the understanding of "Make what you can while you can", the season is short.

Solution #1: Buy Early and Save $$$$$

Most sellers of your favorite above ground pool, whether inflatable or framed, offer their very Best Deals during the Winter months. Remember; inventory which is taking up room but not being sold is an expense to them, but they have to order and receive from the manufactures, the swimming pools months ahead of the season or they won't have anything to sell. It has been tracked and documented that the price of some of the most popular pools like Intex(TM) or DoughBoy(TM) Above Ground Swimming pools increase in price almost 30% during the months of April through June. Thus, January, February, and March is the optimum time to make your purchase. Don't wait and save upwards of 30% which can be quite substantial depending on the pool you purchase.

Mistake #2: Purchasing the Wrong Size Pool

Its happens quite often that the decision on which swimming pool to purchase is based on price and not need. Your pool arrives; you get it all set up, and then find out that you have more friends who want to cool off with you than first thought. The swimming pool which looked huge while empty is now just too small to accommodate all of the folks you would like. Too Late!

Solution #2:Always Go Big!

Purchase the largest above ground swimming pool you can possibly afford and accommodate with the space you have available. You will always have plenty of folks to fill it and the price differences you will find to be minimal. This is an investment which you plan on getting some use out of for years to come. If your pool is too small, you will be kicking yourself every year. By investing the extra $200.00 or so it takes to get a larger pool, you will insure a great time to be had by all instead of regret. Remember; Its not like you can just send it back or throw it away. Because of the expense to ship a heavy weight item, most retailers will have a policy where if you return the pool, you will pay to ship it back plus incur a restock fee. You will be out of some money and have nothing to show for it. Get the Bigger Pool!

You only need to remember 2 things to make your Swimming Pool purchase this year a successful one: Buy Early + Buy Big

By remembering these two things, your summer time above ground pool fun is insured. The worst thing in the world is the regret you feel after a purchase because you fell into making the same 2 mistakes made by so many each year. Don't be a statistic-Be a Happy Pool Owner!

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