The 5 Most Functional Options for a New Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-21-2011 in Articles

What options are the 5 most functional options for a new swimming pool?

So you have decided to take the plunge and buy your family that new swimming pool but before you begin you need to decide what options are really worth including in the purchase price. Since I could go on forever about every option available we will discuss the 5 most popular and practical options available.

1. Lights. One of the most popular options is a light for your new pool. A pool light is a great way to not only allow you to see everything in your pool at night but they work great for the esthetics when your aren't using your pool or hosting some backyard parties.

2. Color. Weather you buy a fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner color they all have their own unique colors and color patterns. You might think that this is included but color is typically a small up charge for a new pool over the standard white or light blue. Color has as much of an effect on your pool as it does on your car or house and can really be the difference between a pool that looks warm and inviting or cold and plain.
3. Safety Cover. When you are choosing all of your options for your pool that are fun and exciting you sometimes forget the more practical options such as a safety cover. Safety covers are the types of covers that look like a trampoline stretched tight across the top of your pool and hooked onto anchors in the concrete. These covers are great for keeping debris and small animals from getting into your pool, but most importantly they also keep young children from falling in. I firmly believe all homes with children under the age of 10 should have a safety cover installed on their pool.
4. Automatic pool cleaner. Since you are installing a pool to relax and enjoy time with the family you need to make it as maintenance free as you can and an automatic pool cleaner helps you do just that.

5. Ceramic Tile. Ceramic tile is only available on fiberglass and concrete pools and it is installed at the water's edge around the top of the pool. For vinyl liner customers you can purchase a liner with a decorative border around the top of the liner that gives a similar effect. This tile border makes the pool look much more expensive and is a finishing touch that nearly all customers agree is worth the investment.

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