The 8 Top Tips For Choosing a Pool Cover  

by Pool Builders on 10-08-2010 in Articles

So you've decided to save yourself time and money by buying a pool cover. The benefits of having a pool cover are considerable, not only are you making your pool much safer for children and animals, you're also saving yourself a lot of bother with keeping the water and chemical levels right, and those pesky leafs and dust out of the water.

But what do you look for to ensure you get the most out of your pool cover?

Invest in a quality pool cover: A flimsy pool cover will cost you much more then your savings in water and chemical evaporation, because it won't work as well. Pool covers that are too thin and rip or wear easily will not only not keep your pool clean, but you'll also have to buy another one sooner then investing in a quality pool cover. Just like investing in a good pool cleaner, a good product is worth the investment.

Get a pool cover with a warranty: Warranties are often viewed as proof that you're getting what you paid for, and that there shouldn't be any issues. Don't risk a pool cover without this assurance, because you shouldn't have to pay up again shortly after investing in a pool cover.

Make sure your pool cover is strong, and will prevent drowning: Pool covers, after fences are the best protection you can equip your pool with to prevent tragic drowning accidents of children and animals. You can't be watching your pool every time your kids are out back, and you definitely can't be watching all the time in case an animal gets in trouble in the pool. So make sure you get a strong pool cover for responsible peace of mind.

Make sure your pool covers are in keeping with Federal and state law: there are laws that require particular sizes and depths of pools to have particular pool covers, so make sure you clarify with your local council any specific requirements.

Make sure the pool cover fits properly: It sounds basic but make sure your pool cover fits your pool perfectly, to best achieve the money, hassle and heartbreak savings of pool covers. The pool cover should overlap your pool and have anchors or straps for securing it.

Make sure your other pool accessories can still function with a pool cover: Can your pool pump, chemicals and pool cleaner still work well with a cover on them? Most quality products are designed for both covered and open pools, but if you're concerned, check with the manufacturer.

Decide if you want a solar-heating pool cover or a standard one: Do you want to use your pool in the winter? Is your pool a central part of your fitness, flexibility or pregnancy preparation activities? Then it's probably worth investing in a solar-heating pool cover that will warm your water up without the big price tag of inbuilt water heating features.

Make sure you like how the pool cover looks: Let's be honest, you probably wont use the pool cover if it looks ridiculous, or doesn't work with your outdoor space dcor. So make sure you pick a colour and material that will work in your garden.

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