The Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-25-2009 in Articles

Swimming pools have always been a symbol of grandeur and splendor of an individual for decades. In earlier days, in ground pools were widely popular among the passionate swimming pool maintainers. The in-ground pools support diving boards and waterfalls which improve the sleek and appeal of the entire swimming pool. They also support a wide range of water games and hence are regarded the best models of swimming pools. Above ground pools became popular in the recent times.

There are many reasons to the success and popularity of these pools. One of the primary reasons is the easy installation, maintenance and repair of these above ground pools. The above ground pools can be installed effectively even in moderate space in backyards. Apart from the ease in these aspects, the lesser cost compared to that of in ground pools has also a good advantage of above ground pools over the traditional pools.

Water filling and maintenance are the major aspects that need to be taken care of while maintaining a swimming pool. After all, it is the water in the swimming pool in which people swim and the hygiene of the water reflects the hygiene of the swimming pool. Any harmful change in the property of water in the above ground pool affects the health of the people using it. Proper chemical treatment of water in specific periods of time ensures the prevention of any growth of bacteria on the surface of the water in the above ground pool.

Water sanitizing is the most important part of the maintenance of above ground pool. This refers to the cleaning and maintaining the water so that the hygiene of the water is protected and preserved. Typically, chlorinated water is used to prevent any bacterial and viral growth in the water of the pool. Chlorine kills the bacteria and viruses already present in the water. But chlorine is harsh on the human body and prolonged exposure to chlorine may develop some kinds of skin infections.

To prevent this, mineral based water sanitizing is employed to sanitize the water in above ground pools. This is an inexpensive technique and is being widely used lately. This is an easy way of purification of water and the advantage of this technique is that it does not use the traditional chlorine to sanitize the water in the above ground pool. A modern method of sanitizing the water in swimming pools uses salt water sanitizing systems. The water purifying systems for pools employ natural salt in limited proportions as a means to generate natural chlorine.

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