The Above Ground Swimming Pool Pumps

by Pool Builders on 05-11-2010 in Articles

Most people love owning a swimming pool, about which they can boast to their neighbors and friends. However, depending on convenience, one may opt for above the ground or in ground pools. No matter which type of pool you select, swimming pool pumps is one of the tools that you need to have. Above ground pools is quite a cheap option and it comes in varying size, ranging from 10ft to more that 30ft in diameter. The shapes too vary, you may choose from round, oval or rectangular, depending on your interest. These above ground pools are best when one does not wish get the backyard dug for an in-ground pool.

Just having a pool is not enough, to make sure its clean is absolutely necessary, and for this purpose you need certain tools. The most important tools that you should have are swimming pool pumps and filters. The pool pumps come in varying sizes and pumping abilities. The pumps are essential as they keep circulating the water in the pool so that a constant water flow is maintained. This procedure helps to keep the germs and bacteria out of the pool and thus prevents you from falling prey to many waterborne illnesses. At the same time these are helpful in equally distributing the chemicals added to the pool.

Thus a proper hygiene is thoroughly maintained in the pool. If however, you do not have the swimming pool pumps, the result will be stagnant pools of slime The above ground pumps are different from the in-ground ones, as the filters and pumps gets sold as a one unit. These are usually placed beneath the water line, which means, on the adjacent ground of the pool. The reason being, it needs to force the water upwards, with the pool itself being above the ground. The filters and pumps are fixed on a common base and are thus economical in comparison to individual pumps and filters.

The above ground swimming pool pumps have a thermal overload protector, a great capacity motor and a huge filter basket. The size of your pump-filter unit depends on swimming pool size and the horsepower required is determined by the gallons in the pool. The pump should have the ability cleaning all the gallons present in the pool within 8 hours. It is very important that you have a good quality pump for your swimming pool, as it helps maintain hygiene and thus protects you from skin allergy and other problems.

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