The Act of Learning How to Swim  

by Pool Builders on 06-30-2009 in Articles

Going by the number of people who mention it among their key hobbies, swimming [] is certainly a popular undertaking in many places all over the world. The popularity of swimming among human beings is remarkable, keeping in mind that man is not amphibian by nature, and swimming is an activity we are not very well adapted for evolutionary. Yet through persistence and focused exercise, there are people who have been able to perfect swimming into a fine art, and who have in the process developed swimming speeds which make them serious competition for animals that are evolutionary adapted for swimming, at least for short distance swimming sprints.
People who undertake swimming can be seen as falling into two major categories.
The first category of swimming enthusiasts is made up of people who undertake swimming for recreational purposes, and this is the bigger of the two swimming categories. It is the people in this category who list swimming as their hobby. People who undertake swimming for recreational purposes vary from those who do it regularly as a part of their daily routine (like those who must take a dip in their home swimming pools before leaving for work) to those who undertake it only occasionally, like when they happen to visit a club with a swimming pool or when they happen to be visiting a coastal town.
The second category on the other hand is made up of people who undertake swimming for occupational purposes. These are people who make their livelihood wholly from swimming. Among the prominent groups of people in this category are swimming instructors (whose ranks are swelling by the day as more and more schools start offering swimming lessons to their students) and lifesavers, as the authorities in more and more jurisdictions make it a requirement for every swimming pool and beach where people go to swim to be manned by knowledgeable swimming 'lifesavers.'
Swimming is of course not without hazards, and it is essential that new people taking it up be aware of them, and take precautions to avoid being victims of the same hazards. These swimming hazards include the risk of drowning in the water, infection through various disease vectors resident in the water and encounter of objects (like stones) in the water one happens to be swimming in, which has in some cases been known to have fatal consequences. And while the hazards of swimming are scary, the truth of the matter is that they can be avoided by consistently observing the relevant precautions which have been developed and perfected through years of experience in swimming.

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