The Advantages Of A Stationary Lap Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-11-2008 in Articles

If you are trying to keep in shape, then swimming is probably the best exercise that you can do. This is true for many reasons since you are able to get both cardiovascular workout and resistance exercise at the same time while swimming. Another great advantage of swimming is the fact that your joints will not feel wear and tear compared to other exercises like jogging, etc. However, one major problem is the place to swim. Having an Olympic size pool in your back yard can be an expensive undertaking. Even if you had the funds, you might not have the space that you need. However there is an alternative. You can easily solve the problem by buying a stationary lap pool for your home. This is, in essence, a pool that is designed in a special way so that you are swimming against the current in your pool.

One major advantage of this type of a pool is the space and the expense that you save. Most of these types of pools are about 5 to 6 feet in length and they are about the width of an average person. Thus, you do not need a very big yard in which to place your pool. In addition, these pools can be installed above the ground and you do not need to excavate tons of earth from your back yard in the process. You just buy the pool that you like and it is installed on top of the ground easily without taking up too much space. Some models of these types of pools can be installed in-ground and even in your house. The other important part is the fact that it can be installed in less than a day.

In this type of a pool, a strong water current is produced and you try to swim against the current. Thus although you are staying stationery, you feel as if you are swimming due to the pressure applied by the current. It is a perfect way to get resistance exercise and cardiovascular workout. Depending on your physical condition, you can easily change the settings on the jet stream so that you can make the water current stronger or weaker in order to simulate swimming in real conditions. In some models, you are even able to project warm water like a spa. You can also alternate between hot and cold to create a massage effect on your muscles.

In short, a stationary lap pool provides a way to get the exercise and workout that you need along with a lot of fun. You do not need to own a mansion, or you don't need to have thousands of dollars to excavate your ground and have an Olympic pool built there. You can easily get this pool, have it installed in half a day and enjoy swimming everyday. They require very little maintenance compared to regular pools. Of course, the money that you have saved in the process will also be a great incentive. Although these pools are not for every one, they are definitely suitable for any one who likes swimming or who wants to get fit and keep healthy.

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