The Advantages Of Shower Head Filters  

by Pool Builders on 05-21-2008 in Articles

When is a shower not just a shower but a way to help promote beneficial health for you and your family (or, at least, anyone else using your shower?) When you use shower head water filters, of course, and not just use any old shower fixture. This ensures that the water that goes onto every part of your body is free of contaminants, pollution and bad smells. Through the use of shower head filters, you can get rid of these.

How's Your Skin Doing?

If your skin and hair have become dried out and brittle, and you've seen a doctor, it may be the water you are showering in that's irritating your skin. A March, 2008 report found that traces of many kinds of prescription drugs was found in the public water supplies of 24 cities.

Also, in EPA documents, about 2100 carcinogens were discovered in public tap water. The most common harmful chemical is chlorine - the stuff they use to sterilize the water in public swimming pools. Although chlorine is great in swimming pools, it's the reason why you have to take a shower after you go to the pool. Chlorine also makes your skin and hair incredibly dry and sometimes itchy.

Now, this doesn't mean that if you take a shower right now that you are going to get cancer. But if you take a shower and have irritated skin, can't work your soap up into a lather or if your shower water smells peculiar, then it's time to seriously think of getting shower head water filters for your bathing water. It can make your water healthier and your showers a lot more pleasant to take.

Easy To Install

Installing shower head filters in your home does not mean that you are going to have a plumber in your house for days on end. Modern shower head water filters are small, can be easily screwed on and off and don't look like they were made for a bathroom on another planet. They are usually white or chrome in color and not too much bigger than an average shower head.

You usually don't need any special tools to install your new shower head water filter, either. With some, you don't even need any tools at all. You just twist off your existing shower head, attach your new filter and you are ready to rock and roll - or shower and scrub, in this case.

Easy On the Wallet

Getting cleaner water to soak in doesn't have to break your bank. Shower head water filters generally cost less than fifty US dollars each. You may also saving money in skin care treatments, hair conditioners and dermatologist bills when your water has the right pH balance and less chlorine or prescription medications in it.

(But please don't use this article in the place of a qualified dermatologist or doctor's prognosis.)

Different brands of shower head filters will have different instructions on maintenance and when to replace them so your water will remain healthy. Be sure to keep the instructions so you know how to get the most out of your shower head water filter.

In conclusion, shower head water filters are a great choice, if you are concerned about your family's good health. Consider installing one in your home today!

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