The Advantages Of Using A Hot Tub Cover  

by Pool Builders on 11-23-2012 in Articles

Spending time in a hot tub or spa is a great way to work out the kinks and aches and pains of the day. The soothing heated water and the massaging therapeutic jets adds to the overall enjoyment of the hot tub soaking time. Swimming pool and hot tub owners know that along with the fun and benefits of owning a swimming pool or hot tub, however, comes the responsibility of keeping the water clean, clear and bacteria-free. In some cases swimming pool owners will hire a professional to keep the water clean and the chemicals balanced but as a way to keep the water clean between visits, the diligent use of a tub covers can go a long way in keeping the water clean.

The hot cover helps keeps out air borne dirt and debris, but works to trap the heat as well. A cover helps save money on not only cleaning supplies and the amount you need to use to keep the tub clean, but heating costs as well. Your spa cover can be as unique as you are but be advised that they come in a myriad of colors, styles and building materials (such as soft and hard cover styles).

Also, another item to keep in mind is that you will be shopping for a cover based on its R-factor; an R-rating of between 12-15 is the minimum you will want to purchase. Your tub sales professional is the best source for information on the best type cover for your tub covers needs.

The location of your tub will also be a factor in the type of cover you choose and even if your hot tub is indoors you will want to purchase a cover for it. Outdoor covers will be waterproof and better able to withstand the elements and will be made of different materials than an indoor cover. Even indoors, though, covers are crucial as they keep children and pets safe and also help trap the heat and moisture.

Safety is another reason to use a cover. These devices add a layer of protection to your tub in that it can keep a curious child or pet from falling in. While these covers aren't meant to hold weight they can help keep a child safe for a minute or two should something happen. Just the simple fact of having a tub cover in place may deter a child from attempting to get into it when you're not in attendance.

When putting together a budget for your tub covers purchase you will want to figure in the amount for a hot tub cover at the same time. A cover is not an accessory but a necessity for your hot tub. Ask your salesperson for an estimate on what could be realized in savings when you buy a discounts tub cover - both in the amount of chemicals you'll need to use and in what you will save in operating costs.

So be sure that you leave room in the budget for a spa cover when buying your hot tub. The savings in energy and cleaning hours will make the purchase quickly worth while. To know more info contact

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