The Advantages of Having an In-Ground Pool Made of Concrete

by Pool Builders on 10-16-2008 in Articles

Having a swimming pool built in your backyard is a great investment. Not only does it enhance and increase the value of your property, it also provides a place for you and your guests to relax. You will be able to cool off from the bright sun during the summer months.

One kind that you may want to consider getting is an inground pool. Having an inground pool has its advantages. One thing about this kind of pool is that there are different designed to choose from and you're not limited.

The only thing is you need to have the space for what you want. You also have more choices for additional features, such as a slide or special lighting. Since the deep end measures at least six feet, there's enough room to select what features you want.

The inground pool costs more than a regular pool, but it's worth paying the extra money for. If you don't live near coastal area, then your home would probably sell faster than it would if you didn't have a swimming pool.

One type of inground pool you could choose from would be a concrete or gunite swimming pool. This type of pool is good to have for several reasons:

You won't have a problem customizing it to your specifications. Let the pool designer know what you want. He/she will look at different ways to build it so that you will be satisfied.

You can have a waterfall installed along with the pool. The builder would have to lift up the back part of it in order to install it properly.

You can also have what is called a "vanishing edge" on your gunite swimming pool. This type of design for your inground pool is very appealing. The thing about this is that your property must have an allowance in order to create this feature. This would make for a great landscape background.

You can match the tile color with the inside of the pool. This would be a good idea to match up the colors.

The material that you use to pave the pool with should remain cool so that you can walk outside barefoot.

Hiring a landscape designer to help you is a good idea for you inground swimming pool. They will be able to provide tips as to how you want your landscaping to look. They will also be able to help you select a design that would fit in with the scheme of your property.

Since a gunite pool costs more, make sure that you are able to afford the payments if you're not paying directly out of pocket. Go over everything that you agreed to on the contract with the inground pool builder before they start. You want your pool to be the envy of your neighbors for many years to come.

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