The Advantages of an Above Ground Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2009 in Articles

These days, above ground pools are considerably more advanced than that vinyl splash pool you played in as a child. For several reasons, they are quickly turning into a preferred choice over an in-ground pool. For starters, they cost a lot less money. They are simple to set up. Yet they have a lot of the same elements and benefits of their in-ground counterparts.

A galvanized steel frame is the basis of most above ground residential swimming pools. A special coating on the metal makes it rust resistant. It will hold up for years to come if you take good care of it. The pools are designed to withstand the high levels of pressure associated with so much water. They are also able to handle the wear and tear that comes along with boisterous water activities.

Modern technology has produced materials that can make the inside of your pool both strong and attractive. It's practically impossible to poke a hole in these composite resins. Even the potent chemicals that are used for pool maintenance won't harm them. In addition, this material is very easy to clean.

A ladder is essential for climbing into the pool. Today's ladders are manufactured from durable resin or plastic and are much less likely to break. In addition, they won't develop rust like their chrome cousins. You can purchase a basic plastic ladder quite inexpensively, and it will give you many years of service. You can also attach a slide to add to the fun. Pet ladders are also available that let your dog share in your fun.

To keep your pool free of leaves and stray bits of garbage, you need to use a pool cover. As well, swimming pool covers [] can be a colorful feature of your pool. Made of strong PVC, they make covering up fast and simple. Some are basic tarps that you fasten down. Other more sophisticated products utilize a rod and reel to make the process easier. Automatic pool covers are the easiest. Simply press a button and the pool cover starts rolling up. A solar pool cover is also a practical item. This uses the sun's heat to help reduce the expense of heating your pool.

Electric filter systems for above ground pools are a relatively recent innovation. The filter is placed on the ground where it's not in the way, and has a hose that goes into the pool. Pool water travels through the hose to the filter. After which it goes back into the pool.

It's quite apparent why above ground pools are becoming more and more popular when you compare them to in-ground pools.

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