The Advantages of the Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-21-2011 in Articles

There's a lot of good things can be said about the above ground pool. For a start you won't have to spend money on having your backyard excavated, as the above ground design sits on the ground and it can be installed in just a few days, even a few hours depending on the circumstances.

This kind of swimming pool can also be easily taken apart, which is one of the biggest plus points for it if you are planning on relocating in the not too distant future.

If you want to primarily keep the kids happy and busy in their free time, the above ground type is a very good option.

You will find this kind of swimming pool design does not come with a large surrounding deck. So, if you are planning on entertaining around the pool, consider the need to use the patio, or take the time to have a deck built. You will also have to decide between having an in-ground design and a smaller space for a patio, or an above ground pool with a garden, larger patio and more space for garden/poolside furniture.

Another plus point, is that the above ground type is relatively easy to maintain and clean. You could say the biggest advantage of it is that it is a lot cheaper than an in-ground pool. If your budget is limited, this may be the right kind of swimming pool design for you. If you are a DIY handyman, you could even put up an above ground pool yourself, it's not too difficult, which would eliminate the expensive installation charges.

If you still can't decide which kind of design is best for your situation, try putting up an above ground type of pool temporarily and see how your family, friends and guests respond to it, and if it suits your lifestyle. If you find having a pool at all works well, go for it, and build a more elaborate kind.

Large inflatable pools, which don't require any installation at all, are also a type of above ground. Decking and landscaping around the pool are well worth taking into account if you prefer not to end up looking just at the pool's walls. Once you have worked on the surroundings, your above ground type of pool will look like its more expensive cousin brother, the in-ground pool.

Above ground pools are most often constructed of steel, they can also have aluminium frames over which a vinyl liner is stretched. Above ground pools are usually round and a few are rectangular or oval. The quality of above ground pools has improved over the years, which means there are now more sizes and shapes to choose from than ever before.

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