The Aquabot Pool Cleaner - Your Very Own Pool Boy

by Pool Builders on 07-18-2007 in Articles

One of the things those wonderful magazine ads of the happy family frolicking in their clean, crystal-clear backyard swimming pool neglect to show you is how the pool looked before the family got it clean enough for them to dive in. Backyard swimming pools are high maintenance items, requiring lots of work to maintain the water's pH, and to fish out all the leaves, twigs, muck, insects and frogs that love to call a swimming pool home.

If you've recently installed or are thinking of installing a backyard swimming pool, do yourself a favor and consider the Aquabot Pool Cleaner. You can spend your precious summer afternoons pulling things out of your pool, or hire a pool cleaning service if you like, but wouldn't it be a lot more fun to have you own personal robot do it for you?

The Aquabot Pool cleaner, in one independent survey of over ten thousand pool owners, received a rating above 90%. So it works, but how, you ask.

How The Aquabot Pool Cleaner Works

The Aquabot Pool Cleaner is a submersible box-shaped vacuum which runs on rubber treads, powered by a waterproof floating cord that you plug into an electrical outlet. The Aquabot Pool Cleaner will march along the bottom and up the wall of your pool, sucking up anything which interferes with its progress. When its vacuum bag is loaded, you simply remove it from the pool, dispose of the contents of the bag, and send it back to work.

The first time you hose out your Aquabot Poll Cleaner bag, you will be amazed at the amount of debris it picks up even from what appears to be a clean pool. It will vacuum up everything down to a size of two microns, which is very fine sand and dust. The stuff you can't see but which can eventually gum up you pool filtering system.

Aquabot Models

The Aquabot Poll Cleaner comes in two models, the standard Aquabot and the Aquabot Turbo. Because the standard Aquabot has had some issues with getting stuck in a single spot, the Aquabot Turbo is more highly recommended. Its microprocessors will eventually "memorize" the contours of your pool, and it can be left for hours at a time to do its work unattended, presenting you with a magazine-quality pool when you are ready to swim!

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