The Art and Science of the Pool  

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2014 in Articles

The artful design of the infinity pool is intended to blur the distinction between nature and the man-made landscape. Examples of its use in a commercial and residential design are plentiful and have been featured in Architectural Digest frequently. You often see them at resorts where the purpose is to invite relaxation, meditation, or a retreat experience. In the tradition of the great tromp l'oeil, the harmonious blend of elements fools the eye as the near and far horizon appear to stretch into one another.

Hotels, condominiums, or apartments where there are commons with vistas opening to ocean or cliff views are ideal placements for the intended effect, but the invisible-edge profile also works situated in landscapes without a view. In smaller square footage, they are occasionally combined with other water features such as a waterfall or fountain to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

The Pool contractors in Fort Worth feature several versions among their residential designs. Either seamless integration with the landscape or a variety of interesting contrasts can be achieved with pool and deck materials. The use of irridescent glass and water glazing recreates nature's palette on waterfront properties. Natural stone, tile, and concrete used in urban, industrial, and Asiatic minimalist, or modernist styles incorporate the colors of surrounding views.

The inspired design is a reflection and an extension of what you have observe in nature. The design is great because nature has been getting it right for a long time, and because the pool anticipates the interplay between the inanimate elements and the human element. More than offering a great view or entertainment space, it is a muse and a play on the way we inhabit and perceive dimension. Its uniqueness is in the contemplation of the lines, depth, and shape of space. Use of linear, compact, curved, or free forms allow tremendous flexibility in incorporating the pool and other water features into any space without detracting from the overall statement of structures where they are intended to have a starring role.

Aspects of art and science inherent in the design are reminiscent of the great masters, and even a little of the Copernican revolution. It may not be coincidence that Copernicus literally was submerged in a pool when he made his discoveries. Discover pool designs, and explore their use in integrated architecture and landscapes online and with your pool contractors in Fort Worth. A reliable source where to lean on.

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