The Backyard Pool Could Be Liquid Liability  

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2013 in Articles

Life for the people residing near sea coasts (sea coast homeowners) can get a little complicated when you have a swimming pool, because from an insurance standpoint, a pool is considered to be an €attractive nuisance€€"in other words, something that could attract children onto your property and into danger or harm's way, resulting in bodily injury or even death, and that, could be a serious issue. Put yourself in a child's position, and you'll realize that a glimpse through a fence of a sparkling pool, especially when a diving board and a pool slide are there to launch you into the water, are enough to lure a child onto your property. As schools prepare to break for the summer, more and more children will be out and about€"and possibly looking to take a dip in your pool, whether they are invited or not.

In fact, homeowners have been found liable in court cases involving wrongful death of children who drowned in their swimming pools, even when it has been proven that the children were not invited onto the property and the pool was enclosed by a high fence with a locked gate. In some cases, the courts said that the proximity of the pool to an elementary school, or in an area where children had been known to play have factored in the decision against the homeowners.

Swimming pools themselves can present other types of risks. Slips and falls are just waiting to happen when pool water accumulates on a slippery surface and children are running around, especially near the edges. Here is an example of an extreme case, one story made headlines when a young girl was hospitalized after sitting on an open swimming pool drain€"the powerful suction in the pool's pump actually tore out part of the girl's intestinal tract. Other children have been injured similarly, resulting in a lot of pain and suffering, most importantly, as well as millions of dollars in lawsuits and insurance claims.

Sea coast homeowners who are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool must also be aware of the additional liability and risk that the presence of a pool in their backyards will bring, and they should protect themselves accordingly. Get in touch with your professional insurance agent, who can guide you in protecting your home and ensuring your swimming pool is appropriately secured. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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