The Bad Results of Salt Water Generators  

by Pool Builders on 09-06-2012 in Articles

Did u know the other name for salt? It is basically sodium chloride. Conversion of sodium chloride to salt is usually done by a certain salt generator where the salt is dissolved. This process of separating salt from chlorine is known as electrolysis. During this process, water is passed through the filter system.

The chlorine left is usually very natural. This means that it does not have the natural byproducts found with the other types of chlorine. It does not have a strong odor and also does not turn people's eyes red when they swim. In this article, we are going to discuss all the benefits of a salt water system and of course its disadvantages.

This chlorine is usually at its natural form. It does not have any irritating smell and does not have any effect to swimmers in the pool. I will try and elaborate more on the pros and cons associated with the salt water system. The salt water system is a good system especially for pool owners. You obviously want you and your family to enjoy using the pool without experiencing any negative side effects.

Most individuals who own pools have been able to see the importance. This can be observed where the swimmers do not complain about the particular pool. Beside the advantages of the chlorine, there are also a few disadvantages.

"Electrolisis salina" is the process that salt water generators make chlorine for salt. They are not the best option for anyone to have their pool in such a system, the pool will rarely be clean. Bacteria, algae, dust, pollen, viruses, skin oils and lotions will be your constant worry. You want to have the freedom to enjoy a swim without any fear of infection.

There are other methods to make your pool safe and secure. This may include the chemical free cleaning. It is a very good way of cleaning your water and purifies it. This method is even better than the salt process as it is easy and the results are seen immediately.

Chlorine from the salt generators is very corrosive but it is usually found in the pool. Pool equipment are also at a disadvantage, the internal and external parts of the pool will be damaged by the chemical effects of the chlorine and salt. You therefore need to take good care of your equipment for it work better.

A doctor will tell you of the effects chlorine has to your health. Asthmatic reaction is common, especially in kids, cancers of the rectal and bladders as well as heart diseases are some of the noted effects. Chlorine gets into your body through your skin or by swallowing water while swimming. For these reasons, a lot of care should be taken before a fun activity like swimming becomes hazardous.

Other effects of salt water generators are drying out of your skin, burning of your throat and lungs when you inhale chlorine fumes. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health complications. After getting out of a pool always take a shower to prevent all this problems.

With all these negative problems brought about by using chemicals to clean your pool, why don't you use the other natural alternatives available? These are the methods we had mentioned earlier. The Ionic water purifying systems use copper ions to clean the pools water. It is a much healthier and easier method for both you and the environment.

Adding natural oxygen to the process for water oxidation purposes, the choice becomes even clearer. The pool water that results from ionic water and the natural oxygen process is much safer for your body and it does not taste bad. It is not detrimental to a person's health if swallowed accidentally.

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