The Bad Side

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2011 in Articles

A pool can be a solid source of fun and enjoyment to any family. It can also make any home look a million dollar investment. But really, let us try to dismiss all the good sides of owning a swimming pool - let us try to see the bad side of having one.

Is there really a bad side to it or is it just a pigment of our imagination? Well, the bad side isn't what you thought it would be. The word is maintenance, pool maintenance that is. Let's weigh-down the facts of its bad side.

As all owners have known for, forever, pool maintenance naturally comes with pool ownership. No owner can do without pool maintenance. Without such maintenance, it will not function properly or at times of severity, it will not function at all. Tsk, tsk, tsk. So, to get it straight, pool maintenance comes with the complete pool package right?

When one says "bad", it means evil. Rest assured we know that pool maintenance is never bad right? Or is it? A pool, particularly its construction, will probably cost up to $ 50,000 (at its maximum rate) -- that much money will be put to waste when proper pool maintenance has been let go and forgotten. Yikes! So literally, pool maintenance becomes the bad side of the owner once it has been ultimately IGNORED.

So what happens if you ignore proper pool maintenance steps? The answers to that question are something that no pool owner would like. These answers embody the very apocalypse of any pool. This is what happens when you let your pool go.

• Your pool water will "swamp up" or in other words turn into a sickly green color.

• The swamp like water will then be infested with BAD microorganisms that will eat up your pool's overall construction frame. Do not expect smooth walls and surfaces if you have let your pool go this far.

• These organisms will not only affect your pool but your swimmers too. If any pool owner thinks that having a green pool is cute or ok should have to have their eye sight checked. It's not green kool aid honey; it's
your pool water. My condolences.

• This water, also containing algae, will ruin your filter and pool accessories. It will clog up your filter and corrode your pool accessories to be exact. Tsk, tsk, tsk indeed! Are you sure you want to know more?

• This water will be highly poisonous. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY WITH THE SWAMP.

• A massive amount of time, money, chemicals and cleaning materials should be used to get this raving situation back on track. Say goodbye to your savings when this happens.

• If you think that you can just let this be for as long as you can then you might as well find a new house to live in. Your once beautiful pool will soon be the home of hundreds of frogs and flies. You do not want to live in this kind of environment right?

So, the bad side of owning a pool is failing to practice proper pool maintenance. So you, do not let your pool go. Don't say you'll do it later or tomorrow. DO IT NOW. CLEAN YOUR POOL NOW.

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