The Basics Of Solar Heating For Pools

by Pool Builders on 10-11-2011 in Articles

While heating your swimming pool is probably not a concern for most people living in South Florida or other equally warm climates, there are plenty of places where it is often desirable to have an efficient means of heating your pool without costing a fortune in utility costs. One of the most energy efficient means of ensuring ample heating of the pool without the high costs is through the use of solar technologies. There are solar systems that work really well for this type of application and are worth taking a bit of time to study up on.

One very common way for pool owners to heat their pools is to use a cover to prevent heat loss. While this helps, it doesn't really solve the problem. Every little bit helps but minimizing the heat that is lost doesn't really help with the problem of actually heating the water in the first place. For this, you have to use a heat source. Otherwise, the nighttime temperature drop will cause too much heat to be lost and your will not be able to enjoy the pool until the sun has been out for a while to restore the lost warmth.

The biggest drawback to using solar power to heat pools, or to supply power in your home for other purposes, is the large cost of purchasing and installing solar systems. People tend to fall back to the traditional electrical of gas alternatives when they see the price tag. But when you consider the cost of heat over a lifetime, solar options are really not that bad. True it will take many years of energy savings to make a solar pool heating option pay for itself, but eventually it will and all the while you will be able to know you made an environmentally sound choice and your month utility bills will be minimally impacted.

So, how do solar heating systems for pools work? The design is actually quite simple. Most often they are installed on your roof as long as there are no problems with too much shade. You have to have adequate sunlight for these systems to do their job properly. The system has collectors that capture the sun's energy and heats water in hoses that circulate your pool's water to keep the water adequately heated for your swimming pleasure.

Solar heating for pools is growing more popular in recent times. The demand for eco-friendly energy alternatives is a primary reason. People simply want to conserve energy. Also, the monthly savings are an attractive proposition. And don't forget, when it comes to sell your home, solar systems retain their value pretty well. There are a lot of good reasons to go solar, so get started today! If you are seriously considering investing in a solar heating system for your pool, don't forget to check out and government tax credits available to homeowners. While they change too often to be included here, the time spent doing the research could end up being well worth the effort.

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