The Basics and Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

by Pool Builders on 04-15-2015 in Articles

Solar pool heating can help you reduce the expenses involved in maintaining a backyard pool. Instead of operating your system with the traditional mechanics, you can harness the power of the sun to keep the water comfortable for your family.

How It Works

To raise H2O temperature with a solar pool heating system, the equipment pumps water through a special filter on a hot water collector. This device mounts directly to a roof where the sun beats down continually during the summer. Small pipes extend through the collector, and water runs through them to be warmed by the sun. After raising the temperature, the pipes return the water through the system to the pool. People in the hottest climates may even find this setup too effective. In this case, it may be necessary to run H2O through the system during nighttime hours to bring water temperature down slightly.

Equipment Needed

The solar pool heating system requires the following equipment. You will need a solar collector, which is the device that circulates the H2O to be heated by the sun. You will also need a filter for removing debris before the system circulates the water. A pump is responsible for moving H2O through the system. Finally, a flow control valve controls the speed at which water moves through the solar collector, based on manual or automatic settings.

Benefits of Using the Sun

Some people may choose to proceed without heating. However, this can make swimming unpleasant on some days if the temperature is too low. Equipment can be an effective means of keeping your pool comfortable, but the expense can be prohibitive. Installing a solar pool heating setup can enable you to keep temperatures where you want them without the added expense of electricity or gas to run the warmer. In the end, many people find that the price of a solar pool heating setup is comparable to a traditional warmer.

Once installed, the sun will keep temperatures warmer for more months out of the year, enabling you and your family to swim more often. You may find that your health improves and you might even lose weight with the added activity.

Maintaining this system is easier and less expensive than maintaining an electric or gas warmer, since it does not require ongoing maintenance. It's typical for these setups to last 20 years or longer before replacement is necessary. With traditional warmers, you will need a contract with a technician for annual maintenance. In addition, the longest life you can expect from a traditional warmer would be up to seven years before it's time for replacement.

You can also feel positive about using clean and renewable energy without a negative impact on the environment. This heating method will not produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which have a negative impact on climate change and pollution.

Switch to the sun for natural warmth in your backyard oasis. The money and time you save with this alternative are just two of the benefits you can expect.

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