The Basics of a Swimming Meet

by Pool Builders on 10-31-2009 in Articles

Swimming is a great sport and can be competitive in many different ways. Swimming meets are held by organizations and schools throughout the year to keep youth involved in swimming. Some swim teams are formed just to allow children the opportunity to do something fun during the holidays, and those teams will participate in swimming meets just so children can refine the skills that they have just discovered.

Anyone can join a swim team and compete against other people in their own age group. As long as people are physically able to swim without the help of flotation devices, they will be allowed to join a swim team. Swimming it is a good sport to compete in and many parents use swimming to help a child lose a certain amount of weight and to ensure that other children at home get enough exercise to make sure that their bodies keeps in shape.

A swimmer that plans to compete in swimming meets will have to make sure that they are mentally and physically prepared for competition. The swimmer must also be willing to devote several days a week to training for these meets and ensure that they have all of the necessary equipment with them at each of the races. The training sessions for swim teams are typically only an hour long, and the swimmer will need to be fully committed to being in constant motion in the pool during that period.

This type of training is necessary because various parts of the body will need to be strengthened to work well when stressed by the time trials used during swimming meets. The practice sessions will also lessen the chance of injuries because the muscle structures will become accustomed to performing at peak endurance whenever needed. The practice sessions will also allow the swimmer to test their swimming abilities and get a good idea of what their best time is during any race.

In swimming, you have to be mentally aggressive in order to beat your time. A swimmer must be in tune with what the coach is saying to them at swimming meets because the noise levels will be high with so many children participating in each race. The swimmer must become accustomed to hearing terms such as "On the Block" and "On Your Mark", because these are common terms used by coaches to ensure that all swimmers enter the water at the same time.

One of the hardest things that swimmers will have to get accustomed to is the sound of the buzzer that is used at swimming meets to signal the start of races. There are several tones used to get swimmers gathered together for an upcoming race, and another buzzer sound will be used to start each race. Knowing the meaning of all of the tones will ensure that swimmers are in the right place at the right time. This action will allow them to compete in the next race and be well rested for the next race that they are signed up for.

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