The Benefits Of The Pool Safety Cover And Fence

by Pool Builders on 11-04-2010 in Articles

Believe it or not, drowning makes up a huge portion of the major causes of infant fatality. Despite the fact that parents are always nearby when their children are close to swimming areas, these incidents still can - and do - occur. No parent wants to be the person who thinks it couldn't happen to their child, especially not too late. Thus, parents should seriously consider investing in a pool safety cover.

A parent's attentiveness has little to do with whether or not this sort of tragedy could befall upon him or her. In fact, 70% of infant drowning scenarios occur while parents are nearby. Usually, the parents are doing housework, socializing, talking on the phone, or have accidentally dozed off. Unfortunately, every parent can probably think of a time when they were distracted from their children.

Considering this, it is clearer why getting a pool safety cover is a good idea. It's no crime to allow a child to play outside while a parent does yard work, but accidents seem to happen in the blink of an eye. Simply turning away for a moment could be the same moment the child falls into the water. With extremely strong vinyl covers, this will no longer be an option.

If a pool safety cover is too much of a hassle to take on and off, perhaps a better option would be a pool fence. These are installed with children in mind, leaving no gap or height able to be climbed over or through by a child. The latches are also child-proof, so children will not be able to enter the swimming area whatsoever.

Hopefully, parents will open their eyes to the fact that this could - and, unfortunately, does - happen to parents like them. Luckily, there is a pool safety cover for even customized dimensions, so everyone has the ability to protect themselves and their families. There should be no reason to hesitate when it comes to protecting a family.

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