The Benefits of Having Pool Cleaners from Hayward  

by Pool Builders on 02-29-2012 in Articles

Pool cleaners keep coming and going and the best part is that these are available everywhere. The pool cleaners that are most efficient should be used and for this there is no need to look further than Hayward Pool cleaners that is always ready to handle this insurmountable task of pool cleaning.

Hayward offers hassle free pool experience and the products that are available include heaters, pumps, heat pumps, filters, automatic pool cleaners and lighting. Hayward is prominent for its advanced clean up performance and its ability to efficiency. Hayward is designed to clear walls, bottom and staircases, besides absorbing float debris and the process takes 7 minutes for the surface and 13 minutes for bottom. In fact, large debris can be cleaned within 3 hours as it has a powerful sweep host that clears even tight corners and edges.

Hayward cleaner parts are devised as pool cleaners and are efficient in cleaning more effectively with little effort. They are recognized for best cleaning performance and are focused on providing good service featuring simpler installation. The guidelines are perfect that any homeowner can install it with proper training. The present models of cleaners are the Pool Vac Ultra, Navigator, Phantom and the Viper. The Phantom and the Viper are pressure type cleaners, while the Pool Vac ultra and the Navigator are suction type cleaners. However, all the types do cleaning in less than 4 hours.

There are automated swimming pool cleaners of Hayward that save your time and are hassle free. It offers high performance and looks sleek cleaning within 2-3 hours any average sized pool. These hayward pool cleaners come in three categories, suction, pressure and robots.

Suction type cleaners-This comes attach© to your plumbing and refers to the fittings and pipes bringing water to be filtered out of the pool. Here, the water is sucked by the filter pump.

Pressure type cleaners-These cleaners are attached to the pressure side of the circulation system. Being on pressure side it has its unique benefits such that it is very helpful in distributing filtered clean water around the pool and does not compromise the system of filters as it has its own debris bag.

Robot Cleaners- This is expensive as they are self contained electric cleaners. The benefit of owning it cleans easily offering great coverage of cleaning. Some of these are controlled by computer chips and some come with remote controls. Some cleaners are featured with times that stop with the program.

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