The Benefits of Intex Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 09-30-2010 in Articles

Every time summer comes, people start getting restless and try to finds ways to beat the heat. The best way to counter the peak summer heat is to have a pool in your own backyard. However, not everyone can afford a conventional and classy swimming pool. Furthermore, installing a conventional one may require you to acquire licenses and permits from your local authorities. Even if you are a person who cannot afford one or who does not have enough time to get the appropriate licenses, it does not mean that you have to give up on your dream of surprising your wife and children this summer. You can sidestep the issue of finances and licenses by way of Intex swimming pools.

These pools are designed to resolve exactly the kinds of problems mentioned above. They are manufactured by Intex that do not require you to dig up your backyard or hire a professional staff to handle the installation and maintenance of your pool. Instead, they are inflatable, above ground and you can set it up by yourself without any professional help.

Intex swimming pools are considered to be the wave of the future. Additionally, they are soon expected to displace conventional one altogether with respect to market share. The following are some benefits of having one in your own backyard.


Unlike the conventional pools, Intex swimming pools are extremely easy to install and uninstall from your backyard. In fact, the only tool you will need to install your very own swimming pool is a screwdriver. Also, the installation process of these is so simple that they do not even require a professional team to install them. Instead, you, with a couple of your buddies, can easily install the pool in a matter of an hour or two. Furthermore, the conventional pools are more permanent in nature with all the cementing and digging that takes place. These can be disassembled and then stored in the winter leaving your backyard free for other uses.


As mentioned earlier, Intex is, by far, the cheapest option available to you. They not only save you money in the initial purchase but you also save money in the future, as the maintenance costs are almost negligible.


There is a whole range that you can choose from. Some models provided by Intex include easy set pools, metal frame pools, oval frame pools, rectangular ultra frame pools and round ultra frame pools. All these varieties have their own advantages and your choice will be entirely dependent on your preference more than anything else.

Therefore, as is more than obvious, Intex swimming pools are very beneficial for any family with respect to almost all considerations including, time, space, ease and money.

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