The Benefits of Saltwater Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 07-25-2011 in Articles

Saltwater swimming pools are believed to have many benefits for the owners than the traditional chlorine pool. Starting from the less expensive treatment cost, convenience provided, as well as materials that are more environmentally friendly, and no longer need to store and use hazardous chemicals on a regular basis. All of these make the saltwater pools becoming more popular today.

What are the benefits to be gained from the saltwater pool? There are many and here are some benefits of saltwater swimming pool:

1. Provide More Convenience

One of the advantages or benefits that you can feel from this pool is a comfort level that you can feel. They provides a softer feel on the skin and hair, do not make red eyes or itchy skin, and has no chemical taste and odor associated with chlorine. In essence, you will not have to suffer one of the symptoms of chlorine.

2. Reducing Use of Hazardous Chemicals

Saltwater swimming pool will reduce the use of hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, stabilizers, and algaecides. This of course will make your pool into more environmentally friendly because you no longer need to store and use hazardous chemicals on a regular basis.

3. Maintenance Saltwater Swimming pool

Another advantage that you can get from this pool is a maintenance problem. Saltwater pool maintenance is easier than a traditional pool. With the new salt system and minimal evaporation rate makes maintenance easier. They can monitor and clean themselves. This makes you not need to perform routine maintenance or too often do a check on water sanitation. In addition, this pool also stops the growth of algae throughout the year.

4. Medical Advantage of Saltwater Swimming pool

Unlike pure chlorine pools that create organochlorines that can mimic human hormones, they never drop low enough for organochlorines to form. Of course this will eliminate the side effects of organochlorine that can cause reduced fertility, cancer, immune system disorders, asthma, and emphysema.

5. Costs More Affordable

It is true saltwater pool installation costs are more expensive than chlorine pools, but in the long run you save money in maintenance and purchase of chemicals. For example, you can save up to sixty dollar per bucket of chlorine that you buy. You will also safe the maintenance costs of the pool because they will reduce algae growth. In essence, saltwater pool maintenance costs only half the cost of swimming pool chlorine treatment.

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