The Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

by Pool Builders on 11-07-2010 in Articles

Solar pool covers are one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing heat loss from your pool. They also cut down on the amount of water lost due to evaporation and can drastically reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use in your pool. By using special materials, sunlight and the mere fact of blanketing your pool entirely, solar covers are the most environmentally investment a pool owner can make.

One of the biggest benefits of a pool cover is the heating element. Solar covers keep your pool warm in a few different ways. Firstly, the bubble-wrap-resembling material absorbs the warm rays from the sun and pushes them into the water. Many solar pool covers are translucent to assist in this function. The material works like a one-way valve, allowing the heat to enter the pool but not allowing it to escape. This function alone can heat the water by up to 8%. The second function of a pool cover is to almost entirely eliminate heat lost through evaporation, the most significant factor in heat loss for a large body of water. Conveniently enough, it also stops any effect a cold wind might have on the surface of your pool. This saves you money by saving on top-up water costs, not to mention being friendly to the environment and your water conservation efforts.

Aside from your pool cleaner, a cover is the most effective way of keeping leaves and other debris out of your pool. Pool covers literally block dirt from falling into the water, putting less strain on your filter by knocking out the danger of a stray leaf getting through the system. Pool covers work in harmony with your other cleaning equipment, making them work less for a better overall result. Of course, you mustn't forget to sweep off all the leaves before rolling it up!

By unrolling and replacing your solar pool cover after every swim, you're doing your best to maintain your pool's warmth for longer. Your cover never stops working and doesn't ever need to be plugged in or recharged. The more often you're covering your pool, the more warmth it's collecting. Using a solar cover can have you using your pool well past the date when you normally would in an unheated pool.

Covering your pool for the off-season has enormous benefits. We're far less likely to take care of our pools when we're not actively using them. It's easy to let a few jobs slide here and there until suddenly it's Summer again and you've got a filthy pool to deal with. Luckily, with a cover, your efforts can be almost halved. Due to your pool being covered, you can cut down on the chemicals you use drastically. As your pool is not exposed to the weather, wind and dirt, the chemical balance is much better maintained and you'll soon find your chemical costs dropping off.

Solar pool covers are a must-have for all pool owners. The benefits in terms of money, time spent and environment are enormous, and all for one initial investment that has no ongoing costs but for the time spent rolling it up before each swim.

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