The Benefits of Sustainable House Design  

by Pool Builders on 04-05-2011 in Articles

It is now a recognized fact that the natural resources which people took for granted in the past are not inexhaustible. The fact that humanity may run out of certain natural resources soon has led to an emphasis on sustainable house design. This concept is also called green building. It is a form of architecture in which houses are designed with a view to using natural material as much as possible. Another key feature of the green building idea is the conservation of energy (both in building and, more particularly, in living in the house) and emphasize on recycling of vital material components.It may not be possible to discuss green living without bringing the use of solar energy into the picture. With the rising cost of hydro and thermal forms of electricity, solar panels provide a cheaper, cleaner and more convenient way to generate electricity. In fact, the process is as simple as it is convenient. By installing these panels, a battery and an inverter, people can simply meet all their energy needs in the home. The only raw materials needed are the rays of the sun and these are totally fee. Still on solar energy, the DIY solar panels are the most convenient ones to use. As the name implies, there is no need to hire experts to install or maintain the panels. The panels are user-friendly and everything can be done by the owner. Apart from providing electricity, the solar option can also be used for the purpose of conserving energy. In this context, solar pool covers are simply excellent. Since a lot of water in the swimming pool is lost to evaporation, the most important function of the pool cover is to reduce evaporation. Other ways the pool cover can help the owner include reducing chemical consumption and helping to keep the water cleaner and safer. These covers also help to cut down heating cost and can be used for both out-door and in-door swimming pools.Pool covers are great devices because they work best with houses designed the green way. They are usually made of UV-stabilized polyethylene or vinyl. This makes them very durable for use as pool covers that can last several years. For the user, there are different forms available. The one chosen by an individual will depend on the specific needs of the person as well as the type of swimming pool the person has in the home.It has to be pointed out as well that homes constructed with energy-saving features are best handled by eco-friendly companies. The increasing awareness of conservation has led to more of these environmental-friendly companies, but make sure you are working with a builder and/or architect with real experience in this area, not one who is simply jumping on board the "green" bandwagon. A great resource for the home owner/renovator or builder is Michael Mobb's 2010 revision of his book "Sustainable House".

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