The Benefits of Swimming Pool Solar Heating

by Pool Builders on 02-12-2013 in Articles

Swimming pools are wonderful additions to a home, but anybody with concerns about sustainability might feel a little uncertain about the environmental as well as the monetary cost of adding heat to the family pool. However, with all of the investment that goes into the pool - the money it costs to build, the money it takes to maintain, and the space it occupies - it's a shame to see it sitting unused for months on end, perhaps even for most of the year.

In the southern states of Australia, the swimming season for unheated pools may be as little as three months, and adding heat to the pool can double the number of months when it can comfortably be used. Imagine getting a head start on the swimming season in the early spring and frolicking in a luxurious heated pool on a crisp autumn day. In the north, heating the pool can turn it into a year-around recreational option.

People who exercise in the pool will be especially pleased with the opportunity to use it for months more than they could previously. What are the alternatives for exercise in the off-season? The most obvious substitutes are boring and repetitive exercise machines and high impact activities like running that are hard on the joints. However, public pools usually have limited hours and over-chlorinated water. Swimming is the best form of exercise for many people, and an extra few months of being able to swim at home is truly a gift.

There are so many good reasons to heat a swimming pool. Fortunately, pool heating isn't an irresponsible or unaffordable luxury. If you use the sun's energy to heat your pool water, you'll only need to use electricity to power the controller. The circulating pump can run on solar energy, and the water is heated by the sun. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished for a negligible energy cost.

Solar pool heaters are available in a variety of designs and price ranges. The most basic models feature standard round rubber-like tubes mounted on manifolds that sit on your roof. Your pool's water is circulated up to the roof and through the solar collector, which are heated by the sun. However, debris can collect between the tubes and limit the effectiveness of these systems. Improved versions feature useful tweeks such as flattened tube profiles without spaces between them and other improvements to the basic design. You can even buy high tech versions that utilize vacuum tubes and heat exchangers.

You've paid a significant sum of money to install your pool and continue to incur expenses to keep the chemical balance just right so it certainly makes sense to be able to use your swimming pool for as much of the year as possible. So, for just a small outlay, you can install solar pool heating and double your swimming season!

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