The Benefits of Swimming in Curing Acne

by Pool Builders on 07-01-2008 in Articles

Acne as a disease results from infections of the skin by bacteria. It may manifest itself in several ways as; painful large pimples, small ugly spotted protrusions and many other skin disorders. The benefits of swimming in eliminating acne cannot be overlooked; first it cleans your skin eliminating microorganisms and other dirt that could harbor them and opens the skin spores thus increases the aeration, naturally moisturizes your skin and also provides the necessary minerals to the skin that are absorbed with the water. In general it increases the hygiene of our skin and the body at large. Many of the people with severe acne conditions are in some way allergic to water or are hydrophobic. This can be easily proved by comparing the people who spend much time in the water against those who rarely come into contact with water.

In the normal and accelerated functioning of the body; the benefits of swimming in curing acne can easily be noted by the way frequent swimmers are healthy physically, mentally and skin wise. Swimming has proved to be more effective in detoxification of the body through allowing the swimmer to exuded harmful toxins either through the skin or through the excretion system for blood circulation is greatly improved.

As you swim you are exercising, and despite it being slower than athletics, the impact on your breathing and fat burning in your body is more significant than other exercises. This plays a great role in weight reduction through reduced fat content in the body which contributes to the excretion and deposition of sebum on the skin surface. Sebum has been proved to have a positive environment to the harboring of the acne causing bacteria. Most overweight or obese people have may body parts or curves which if not adequately cleaned become reservoirs for bacteria. So, in addition of swimming eliminating acne it enhances our overall health; weight control.

The benefits of swimming in eliminating acne also is multiplied by the effect of the compounds in the water; both natural and artificial as chlorine. These compounds disinfect the skin and also improve its texture making it more appealing. Some of the chemicals needed by the skin can not be orally consumed as those found in saline or salty water pools. Swimming is more effective when in salty water for swimming pools have controlled conditions. This a way in which nature stamps its feet that it is superior to any man made invention. You may wonder how and why the open sea waters are more beneficial to your skin than the man made pools despite their exposure to pollution. Nature has its ways of controlling itself thus it cleanses and purifies the sea water in ways beyond human expression.

I summary swimming has the following benefits to your skin health; cleans opening the breathing pores, moisturizes, provides chemicals and nutrients, enables the blood flow to be optimal and increases the diffusion of the air in all organs thus removing the unwanted toxins in the body amicably.

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