The Benefits of a Saltwater Pool  

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

There has been a surge in the number of homeowners opting for saltwater pools in the past several years.

Due to the advantages associated with saltwater pools, chlorinated pools that have been popular for decades are becoming less common. Saltwater pools are available in numerous shapes and sizes. As a result, the right one is out there for every family.

In saltwater pools chlorine is formed from dissolved salt in order to sanitize and clean the pool. Salt produces a substantially lower amount of chlorine than that used in chlorinated pools. As a result saltwater

pools are affordable, easier to maintain, clean, and do not produce the negative impact on health that excess chlorine can have on an individual. A tranquil environment conducive to relaxation and fun are the result.

The following are a list of benefits associated with choosing to fit your swimming pool with a saltwater system.

Fewer Chemicals

Excessive chlorine exposure can damage the skin and hair as well as produce a strong odor. Equipping your pool with a saltwater system drastically decreases the amount of chlorine swimmers are exposed to. The

majority of pool owners that choose to replace their chlorinated pool with a saltwater system do so to decrease swimmer's exposure to chemicals.

Decreased Maintenance

Chlorinated pools require a significant amount of maintenance. Saltwater does not because the salt is constantly being converted to chlorine. This ensures that the water is constantly being cleaned and sanitized without any effort from the homeowner. Additionally, saltwater prevents the growth of algae. Be aware that supplemental salt or pH may be needed on occasion depending on the weather and the pool's use.

Health Advantages

Swimming in chlorinated pools increases the increase of experiencing asthma like symptoms due to lung irritation. This is due to the inhalation of excess chlorine. Swimming pools featuring saltwater eliminate this

risk. The result is sparkling water that is perfect for exercising or relaxing.

Chlorine at elevated levels, like many chemicals, can adversely affect a person's health. Opting for a saltwater pool eliminates this hazard. altwater pools contain such a small amount of chlorine that there are no health risks associated with it.

Benefits for the Body, Skin, and Hair

Irritated, dry eyes and itchy skin are a common complaint of individuals who swim in chlorinated water.

Furthermore, chlorine can affect the color of hair as well as make it dry and brittle. Swimmers do not experience this when they swim in saltwater pools. When swimming in saltwater it is possible to open your eyes under water without irritation. After swimming swimmers are pleased to note that their skin, hair, and eyes feel and look the same as before they got into the pool.

Financial Benefits

The initial price of a saltwater pool may seem expensive, but over time it is significantly less costly than a chlorinated system. No chemicals are needed so this completely eliminates this monthly expense. It has been determined that within two years a saltwater pool pays for itself due to less maintenance and no chemicals.

Saltwater pools can be found in various styles, shapes, and sizes as well as at all price points. Chlorinated swimming pools can be converted to saltwater pools. This allows your family to experience all the benefits

associated with saltwater.

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