The Benefits of an Ozone Swimming Pool Sanitizer When Replacing the Common Chlorine System

by Pool Builders on 05-23-2010 in Articles

The most important piece of swimming pool equipment in a pool, is the sanitizer. Chlorine and the salt chlorine generator being the most popular systems.

Ozone has been used as a water purifier since the 1800's. As more and more people rediscover this method as a powerful sanitizer, you would have noticed by now, oxygen or oxy enhancers, with the effectiveness of O2 or O3 being used in detergents, soap powders and other house hold cleaners, which replaces bleach and bleach is essentially chlorine.

Using Ultra violet light or a corona discharge unit our atmospheric oxygen O2 can be changed into O3 oxygen and becomes a powerful disinfectant which can then safely purify air and water, being one of the most effective ways to replace chemical sanitizer.

In the swimming pool ozone burns off most foreign bodies in the water including makeup, skin oil and sunscreen residues. A slight residual of chlorine is needed in the water but this ranges at only 1/2 a part per million parts, which leaves it undetectable and very comfortable while you swim.

The Benefits of Ozone Sanitization:

• Kills common bacteria, molds, spores, cysts and viruses much quicker than chlorine or bromine.
• Eliminates chloramines to improve water smell and taste.
• Eliminates residues which irritate eyes and cause dry itchy skin.
• Reduces the need to chemically shock pool water.
• Provides healthier swimming environment.
• Improves water clarity and purity.
• Reduces traditional chemical (chlorine/bromine) storage and use by 50% to 70%.
• Saves considerable money on the costs of chemical usage.
• Prolongs equipment life by reducing the need for corrosive, high concentrations of chlorine.
• Produces no by-products or Total Dissolved Solids in water.
• Works very well with mineral systems or salt water chlorine generators (reduces their consumable

purchases) allowing the chlorine generator to turn down.
• Eliminates environmental worries such as water replacement of contaminated pools.

The spa industry has adopted Ozone as a standard, as legionella is a huge problem when heated water is poorly treated. Having ozone in your water provides a very fresh swimming experience and is also very eco-friendly as far as energy consumption goes and the ability to back wash straight into your garden.

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