The Best Pool Accessories

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2010 in Articles

Looking for the best accessories for your pool? You've come to the right place. Below are some practical suggestions to help you enjoy your poolside experience.

Want a cleaner and safer pool without going to all the trouble of putting chlorine yourself? Get the ChlorEase Saltwater Generator which is sure to make your life easier. This automatically and continuously produces chlorine so you don't have to waste time adding this chemical to your pool. By doing so, you spend more time relaxing.

This can be used with all chemicals utilized in chlorine-maintained pools and the cord comes with a windable spool for easy cleaning and weatherization. It can be used to treat above ground pools up to to 18,000 gallons. To top it off, installation is simple, the price is right and the finished product is good for the skin, hair and eyes than regular chlorine

The softening effect of the product leaves hair and skin silky to the touch. You get clean, healthy water that all swimmers will love since it results in far less red irritated eyes, chlorine odors, dry hair or itchy skin. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your water is clean and clear.

Another good buy is the Sunheater solar swimming pool heating system that helps increase the temperature of your swimming pool water by up to 10' F (6'C) or more. Water easily flows through the solar heater's tubes through your existing swimming pool pump where it is heated by the sun and then returned to your swimming pool. It can be installed on the roof of your house or another building near the pool, mounted to a rack or placed on the ground. This product will extend your enjoyment of your pool regardless of the weather.

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