The Best Residential Solar Power Investments - Solar Powered Water Heating and Solar Pool Heating

by Pool Builders on 05-11-2010 in Articles

Residential Solar Power use is on the rise for many a number of reasons.

Over the past 5-10 years, residential solar power use has been on the rise.

The cost of solar power is going down, and governmental incentives and solar rebates are ever-increasing.

If you are looking to invest in solar, now is the time.

Below are the 3 best residential solar power investments you can make.

Best Residential Solar Power Investment 1: Using A Solar Swimming Pool Heater To Heat Your Pool.

Heating your swimming pool with solar energy just makes sense. You are able to harness the sun's power to heat your water more efficiency (and at a cheaper cost) than many of the electrical or gas-powered heating options.

The average swimming pool costs $25,000 to install, and with an additional $5,000 invested in a solar pool heating system, you can extend the life of your pool for 4-6 months.

Thereby making your pool investment pay off for you and making it more comfortable for you to get enjoyment from your pool.

Best Residential Solar Power Investment 2: Using The Sun's Power To Heat Your Water

Currently, you pay 20% of your currently electricity bill to heat your water with a gas-powered or electrical-powered water heater.

It takes a lot of electricity to keep your hot water coming to you. And you have to pay money to the electricity company for the honor of keeping the heated water coming to you.

The goal of the water heater is to store the water until you are ready to use it, and the heat it for you when you are ready.

  • A heat-sensing element inside the traditional water heater works to keep the hot water warm. When you reach over to turn the hot water on, cold water enters the tank at the bottom, and hot water rises to the top to get to you.
  • As you use more and more of the hot water, the hot water that was stored in the tank is quickly replaced by colder water and eventually - if you shower too long or if you use too much of the hot water - you will have no hot water left

The Solar Hot Water Heater Does Not Work This Way.

Your solar water heater tanks stores water that is heated by the sun.

It uses the same principle as a traditional water heater, but you save on electricity costs because you don't have to way to keep your water heated.

With the solar hot water heater, your water is heated with the sun - and the heat is retained even after the sun goes down via a system of pumps, storage containers, temperature gauges, anti-freeze values, and collection devices.

The biggest benefit to using a solar powered water heater is that your system gives you access to hot water that never runs out.

Solar Water Heating And Solar Pool Heating Are The Best Residential Solar Power Investments You Can Make Because They Save You Money.

Using the sun's power to heat water - whether it's for your pool or for your home - is the best solar power residential investment you can make.

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