The Best Resort Pools in the Dominican Republic  

by Pool Builders on 06-22-2008 in Articles

Vacations and children--not necessarily the most synonymous concepts; so when the two combine, compromises must be made, right? Do you go to the museum or Six Flags? Is it ice cream or sorbet? Do you see the latest animated flick or something with subtitles? In Punta Cana there really are no compromises and if you're ever forced into a situation where one must be made, it will be strictly on your terms.

A way to keep everyone happy and still come out a hero is to choose a hotel with an extremely lavish pool; one that mimics something from Indiana Jones; with multiple tiers and palm trees covering the sky, branches fluttering with the breeze. The pools of Punta Cana truly leave nothing to be desired, so that's why winnowing the best from the rest may seem like just the solution to keeping your kids at bay and smiles on their faces.

The pool at Paradisus Puna Cana [] is not really a pool; more of a secret lagoon buried in a jungle, which just so happens to be buried in a sprawling luxury resort.

It features a blanket of blue shimmering water interrupted only by large rock clusters, fountains, and swim-up tiki-bars. Lounge beneath thick fans of Dominican jungle flora and unwind to the soothing tune of rushing water and Punta Cana's wildlife.

The pool at Club Med is seemingly larger than Paradisus', and much more oblong, snaking alongside bushels of Palm and huts of thatched roofing.

We came to the conclusion that, although an otherwise dazzling presentation, the pool at Club Med is certainly geared more towards children as its depth is, for the most part, shallow and its location, not as secluded.

A consensus named Iberostar Bavaro a top budget hotel in Punta Cana; no wonder, then, that their pool is epic in size, with only a prominent bouquet of trees and foliage at its center.

Similar to Paradisus Punta Cana, the pool of Iberostar Bavaro is portal to a tropical oasis, teeming with lush vegetation; developing into a setting perfect for lounging under the shade or basking in the sun.

These three pools are products not of trend--no gimmicks to mindlessly entertain here--but instead, blend leafy jungle aesthetics into warm, tranquil waters. If not to keep the kids entertained, these pools will have you out of the room and in the sun all day, as they did us.

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