The Best Villa Resorts in Bali  

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Bali is famously called as the 'city of temples'. Worshippers from all over the world visit Bali to rejuvenate their souls. But the City of temples is not just limited to temples but it's also famous for various exuberant villas. Bali is said to be the home of many lustrous beaches and beach side resorts and villas. Some of the best beaches, which urge tourists to take up Bali tourism, are the Kuta, Nua Dusa, Legion, and Seminyak and Jimbaran beaches. These beaches are worth a day-tripper's time and money. These famous beaches houses some of the best Bali villa resorts, offering the best in generosity and relaxation, the whole ambience is captivating and rejuvenate and recharges one's senses.

Alila Villas Uluwatu: A giant, grandeur villa resort, Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali, is the top most villas in Bali. The exquisite d©cor, the magnificent ambience and the peace of mind this place offers is outside the mind of normal 'happy-go-lucky' tourist. The villa opens up to an ocean with the cool breeze blowing over the area throughout the day. Tourists opt for Bali tourism to spend time and explore the beauty of this place.

Luxurious Ubud Hanging Gardens: This magnificent villa is located around the countryside surrounded by agricultural area on all its sides. The view from the top of this villa is mind blowing, it's like a paradise you can actually live in and enjoy with your family at the same time. This villa is a perfect place for lovers and newly married couples for their honeymoon experience. The place has two larger than life swimming pools one facing the agricultural arena and the other at the top floor of the villa. Just the mere look of it on internet is enough to urge you to take up Bali packages.

The Samaya Villas: This villa is a popular tourist attraction and therefore urges tourists to take up Bali packages. This villa is situated directly on the beach in Seminyak; and provides easy access to nearby attractions. Day-trippers can walk to the Legion area, where they will find shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The villa style accommodations at the Samaya Villas offer a variety of choices, including king and queen sized selections with private plunge pools.

The Purist Villa & Spa Bali: If you are looking for fun and at the same time a place to rejuvenate your mind, the Purist villa is definitely the place to go. As the name suggests, the Purist Villa is dedicated to health, wellness and purity of one's mind. It is located in Ubud and is considered as the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali. Tourists all around the world come to stay in this villa with their family and loved ones to relax their mind. Taking up Bali tourism surely eases the budget on this villa.

The Ametis Villa: The Ametis villa is another popular tourist attraction. This villa is best known for its service providing effluences. Each guest is treated different than the other one. One can get their own personal chef to cook the food as per their preference. The gigantic swimming pool with the space to soak up the glistening sun is breath taking. The experience is beyond imagination. This villa is worth one's money and time. So don't miss on this experience of your life folks.

Holidaying in Bali could always be memorable with the help of Bali tourism and Bali packages and a stay at these enchanting villa resorts would definitely make this trip the trip of your lifetime.

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