The Best Way To Deal With Stretch Marks After Losing Weight  

by Pool Builders on 08-14-2012 in Articles

Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched too rapidly beyond its natural elasticity. This can happen during pregnancy or rapid gain or loss in body weight. The marks become prominent when a person is losing weight, after he has gained a few pounds. What can be done to eliminate these marks or better still, prevent them from appearing in the first place? You would need to care for your skin every day after you have lost weight to ensure that your body is not subjected to the vagaries of these marks. You can use a cream, such as Celtrixa for this purpose. Does Celtrixa work? Based on the reviews posted by satisfied users, there is no question about its efficacy in dealing with marks.

What are the other steps you can follow to prevent stretch marks?

Exfoliate: To control marks, you would need to exfoliate every day. It is best if you exfoliate the skin around the marks gently and wash the areas with a loofah. This would remove dead skin cells, promote blood circulation, and trigger cell turnover.

Use cocoa butter: Massage cocoa butter gently on your marks to reduce the visible appearance of stretch marks over time. This home remedy is known to hydrate skin and promote the formation of collagen and elastin. Complement your efforts by using the Celtrixa removal cream. Does Celtrixa work? Given the positive buzz the product has generated over a short period of time, it sure seems it does.

Stay away from chlorinated water: Avoid swimming in chlorinated water as far as practicable to prevent your skin getting dry and dehydrated, which can cause marks to appear or intensify the appearance of the existing ones. In case you are craving for that swim, you can protect your skin by using some sort of a petroleum jelly before entering the swimming pool. This would prevent your skin from drying up, due to the effects of the chlorine in the water of the pool.

Avoid tanning: Getting a tan can be good for your ego but not such a great idea if you are serious about getting rid of the marks. When you are tanning your body, the areas affected with marks would not be tanning at the same speed, causing these marks to stand out like a sore thumb.

Take vitamin E: Consume vitamin E in any form to trigger cell turnover and promote the health of your skin. You could include food rich in this vitamin, such as wheat germ oil, almonds, spinach, and broccoli in your daily diet to eliminate after weight loss. You could also take vitamin E supplements, after consultation with a certified medical practitioner.

Take omega-3 fatty acids: Include food containing omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to maintain the elasticity of your skin and prevent the appearance of marks. These acids occur naturally in walnuts, sesame seeds, and canola oil. You can use them regularly to help. Faded stretch marks are any day, better than the ones that are new and relatively raw.

Use specially formulated removal creams: Use removers, such as Celtrixa. Fortified with a blend of advanced scientific ingredients. Does Celtrixa work? Yes, it does, as has been proved by the results of the scientific studies carried on its key ingredient, Regu Stretch.

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