The Best Way to Clear a Green Pool (Step by Step System)

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2009 in Articles

Discovering your pool has turned into a green swampy mass from the once beautiful and inviting pool it once was, is quite distressing. However, there are straightforward ways to clear a green swimming pool that will return it to its safe, clear and clean state.

Before we get started on how to clear green swimming pool water, it's important to know how it got that way in the first place - understanding that can help you to prevent this unsightly, and unsafe condition from happening again. Green water in your pool is caused by green algae. This happens when a chemical imbalance has occurred in the water. Making sure you test your water regularly is the first step to prevention. Algae can multiply extremely fast, and they harbor unhealthy and unsafe organisms such as bacteria, so it needs to be dealt with immediately. Things such as rain, long periods of hot weather, poor filtration, and inaccurate or ineffective chemical treatments can allow algae to take hold.

The first thing you need to do to clear green swimming pool water, is to get rid of debris that is floating around in, or resting on the bottom of, the pool. Debris can have algae attached to it so it needs to be removed before any other treatments can be effective. Once you do this, you should test the pH balance and alkalinity of the water to ensure they fall within the correct ranges. Chlorine levels must be maintained, because if they drop below 1 ppm, algae can easily take hold.

The next step to clear green swimming pool water is to add shock to the pool. This will kill any remaining bacteria in the water. You may have to do more than one shock treatment to the pool, if the algae problem is quite severe. It is important that your pool's filter is continuously running as the shock is added, and keeps running 24 hours a day until the problem has been solved. You must also backwash the filter four times each day during this process.

After that, the next step to clear green swimming pool water is to give the pool a thorough vacuuming and brush the sides, bottom stairs and corners of your pool. That will get rid of any elements clinging to those surfaces.

The final step to clear green swimming pool water is actually a repeat of the previous steps. It's not always possible to get rid of algae on the first try, so keep going through these steps until the water is completely clear. Then check your filter and add algaecide on a weekly basis.

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