The Big Plunge - Pool Diving Boards

by Pool Builders on 04-12-2010 in Articles

So last year the pool went in and now a pool diving board is needed. Before the big plunge, literally, take time to research the purchase as many makes, models, and prices are available.

The first thing to determine is whether a spring board or a standard board is desired and what length and width of board works for the space. Once this decision is made, there are a few more areas to consider. Typically a board is purchased separately from a stand, so the stand, including height, installation requirements and type of frame/style must be considered. A good match is always available between board and stand, one that meets the needs of the diver and the safety requirements of the pool owner. Commercial pool diving boards are also offered for community pools that may have more users, greater pool depth, and year round usage.

Once a combination is determined, the type of material used in the manufacturing should be considered. Materials include fiberglass, acrylic, laminated wood, plastic and more. Each material will address common concerns such as sun fading, longevity, wear and tear, and slippage, salt vs. chlorine and board action. It is important to take time prioritizing the issues in this section as diving boards will run a huge gamut of prices depending on the diving board characteristics. A no-slip tread option is always popular and most products today are made to last for many years.

Most companies do not offer warranties on boards that are sold without pre-drilled mounting holes for ease of installation; so buyers should be concerned with such warranties, safety records and access to thorough installation manuals. Quality companies that sell these will also have offer hardware, replacement parts and will serve as consultants during the decision making process. An amazing cannon ball or beautiful swan dive is only enjoyed when it is done on solid equipment and in a safe and monitored situation. As always, proper supervision is a must when swimming and using pool diving boards.

Imagine the fun to be had with the addition of a diving board to a pool! Give the kids something to be excited about this summer - add one now!

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