The Choice of DIY Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2009 in Articles

A vast amount of people around the world adore swimming and generally being in the water.  Whilst a certain amount of those people have the space and can afford to hire a company to build an expensive swimming pool in their garden, a substantial percentage cannot.

To combat the growing desire for an affordable pool, many companies have created a range of options that allow for more than a children's paddling pool to be placed in the garden of a property at very affordable prices.

The most affordable of all DIY swimming pools are those that can be erected and dissembled very quickly, whether it's by inflation or fixing together a frame with a liner for the water.  Although many people believe that these pools are aimed at children, this is far from the truth and there are many impermanent solutions available that are respectable in size and provide a more than adequate environment to relax in.

Although they may look slightly similar to inflatable or collapsible frame pools, flat pack paneled pools see an increase in price, but also a much larger area, allowing the ability to actually swim, rather than simply relax.  Whilst flat pack paneled pools may not be aesthetically pleasing and are considered semi-permanent, they are an ideal solution to a property that requires a large pool throughout a set period during the year.

The above two options are without doubt the options that provide the quickest, easiest and cheapest answer to the need for a pool.  However, there are many people who would like a pool to use all throughout the year and should this be the case, a full and proper permanent pool in DIY format should be considered.

These pools - known as DIY as although they require a lot of work, it can all be carried out without the need for professional involvement - do cost a substantial amount more than those mentioned previously, but also offer a massive reduction when compared to a pool installed by a company.

Available in three main types - block and liner, polymer panels or a one- piece fiberglass - the DIY pool required depends entirely upon the individual's circumstances.  For example, although a block and liner pool is the most traditional and generally aesthetically pleasing, it is also seen as the most labor intensive due the amount of work both preparing the ground and installing the pool and is therefore not recommended for those looking for a quick solution.  However, if choosing the one-piece fiberglass option, although it is a much quicker and cheaper option overall, should there be a fault with the fiberglass, there is the possibility that the whole pool may to be removed.

Choosing a DIY pool can be a fantastic idea and save on copious amounts of money.  By carrying out the correct full and proper research, you will be able to guarantee that the DIY swimming pool you have chosen is the correct one for your individual needs and requirements.

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