The Craziest Tax Write-offs Ever Allowed by the IRS   

by Pool Builders on 03-24-2008 in Articles

Every year American taxpayers attempt to lower their federal tax liability by including any credits or deductions they can think of. Below is a list of the most ridiculous tax write-offs ever allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

Some of these deductions may be silly, but filing a correct income tax return is very serious. We recommend you speak with a tax professional before including any of these or similar deductions on your own income tax return.

Beer Give Away
A local gas station owner decided to give away free beer to his customers and was able to write this off as a legitimate business expense.

Swimming Pool
After being diagnosed with emphysema, an elderly man was able to claim the cost of building a swimming pool. His stance was that the pool allowed him to exercise and that his doctor instructed him to get more physical activity.

Exotic Dancers
The owner of a nightclub hired exotic dancers for a promotional party and was allowed to deduct the cost paid to the dancers as a valid expense.

Private Airplane
A couple who owned a successful business was allowed to deduct all costs relating to any business use of a private jet. This included trips back and forth from their secluded condo.

Body Oil
Professional body builders are allowed to deduct the costs of anything "ordinary and necessary" for their profession, including body oil expenses.

Ostrich Depreciation
The IRS allows you to depreciate the costs of any livestock as long as it is used for breeding. This was great news for a local ostrich farmer who was able to include the depreciation of his ostriches on his tax return.

Breast Implants
An infamous stripper by the name of "Chesty Love" was allowed to deduct the cost of her breast implants claiming they were an essential props in her performance.

Home Landscaping
A business owner who frequently met with clients at his principal place of residence was allowed to deduct a portion of the fees he paid to have his yard professionally landscaped.

African Safari
A dairy farmer was allowed to deduct the cost of trip to Africa as a business expense because his trip focused on learning about wild animals. The IRS considered this tip ordinary and necessary.

Cat Food
The IRS allowed a group of junkyard owners to deduct the cost of cat food. They claimed the food attracted cats that took care of rats and snakes.

Pet Moving Costs
The IRS considers family pets personal effects. Therefore, if you move for a job you can deduct the cost of moving your pets with you. This was the case for a family who incurred high costs to move their Great Dane.

Trip to Bermuda
The IRS always allows you to deduct expenses for business conventions or conferences. Even if they are in Bermuda, Barbados, Tahiti, etc.

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