The Dangers of Maintaining Your Pool Yourself

by Pool Builders on 09-11-2012 in Articles

Everyone who has a pool knows the emotional well-being we experience sitting nearby and appreciating its beauty, or bathing in the refreshing waters. However, keeping the water blue, clear, and free from muck and parasites takes significant effort and a bit of know-how, which many pool owners may not be aware of. While you may think that all that is required is a simple wave of the net for debris, there is really much more involved, and some of it can even be dangerous.

Warning: Hazardous Materials

As you probably already know, the various chemicals in your pool must be constantly checked and balanced in order to keep the pH levels correct and keep the water clean and safe. These chemicals are typically added to the water in very small amounts and in very specific ratios so that the water does not become unsafe to swim in. However, if you are purchasing the chemicals in the larger quantities needed for regular DIY maintenance, you should know that you are storing hazardous materials on your property. If the chemicals become wet or are improperly mixed, they can cause a fire or injuries or may release toxic vapor. This reason alone is why many homeowners, especially those with children, may choose to protect their homes and families from an accident by hiring a professional pool service.

Chemistry 101

As mentioned above, chemicals must be added to the pool regularly in extremely exact quantities. When applied correctly, they protect the water from harmful bacteria, algae, and other problems. However, for someone not thoroughly trained in applying chemistry in this way, it can be easy to accidentally use the chemicals incorrectly, which can mess up the pH level and even cause an algae outbreak. As you can see, for many people, DIY is not necessarily an easy or safe option.

What is My Other Option?

The other option is to hire a professional pool maintenance service. Calling an expert to deal with both the known and unforeseen issues is the best - and really the only - option for a large majority of people. While most people end up calling a pool service simply in order to save time, the significant risks listed above should be an extra incentive for you to make that decision. The peace of mind you save - along with the time and money - will be well worth it. Enlist the expertise of a professional pool technician and cleaning service today!

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