The Difference Between Manual And Automatic Pool Cleaners  

by Pool Builders on 04-19-2011 in Articles

Choosing the right pool cleaners for your pool is very important. As it name suggest swimming pool cleaning system are the tools that are responsible for making your pool area clean and away from all the unnecessary debris that manages to get to your pool area.

One of the things that you need to consider is your preferences of the type of pool cleaners that you want to use. Basically, there are two systems in cleaning your pool, the manual and the automatic system. The choice between the two of this depends on your budget and time.

Manual pool cleaners, are composed of simple scoops, and rakes that are used to remove the unnecessary debris that are floating in your pool, you may also need to have a brush with a pole to be able to remove algae or molds that are forming in the walls of your pool. Some also uses some types of chemical in cleaning so that the molds that will be removed can be prevented from coming back.
Those who are keeping a tight budget usually prefer this type of pool cleaning because it is relatively more affordable than the automatic type. There are some persons who also prefer this type, because they believe that cleaning is more efficient if done by the human than any other machine. This type of cleaning is usually done once or twice a week to maintain the perfect cleanliness of the pool.

The automatic cleaner on the other hand is the more convenient and a more expensive type of pool cleaners. It functions using the suction process that makes use of a little flow of water to enable the device to move all the way through the pool. The efficiency of the whole cleaning process depends on the amount of time allowed for the system to clean the entire pool.

This type of pool cleaning system is ideal for individuals who always want to maintain the cleanliness of their swimming pool area but do not have time to manually clean it. Unlike the manual cleaning process, you are allowed to other tasks while your automatic cleaner does the all the job for you.

If you are choosing the automatic type of cleaner is sure that you choose an efficient one so that you can assure that your pool area will remain as clean as it can be even without your personal monitoring.

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