The Differences in Security Fences and Privacy Fences  

by Pool Builders on 11-12-2012 in Articles

Some people become confused when they hear the term security fences used. They think that this means the panels that are constructed in solid pieces to be able to stop people from seeing into an area. Although security fences can be made from materials that form a solid panel they are not the same as a privacy fence.

Security fences
€ Are generally made from iron, steel, or cast iron materials
€ Their primary purpose is to keep something in an area or prevent something from entering an area
€ They are generally erected on commercial properties
€ They are generally six feet or more in height
€ The posts that secure the panels are generally set into the ground with concrete
€ They lower the cost of the insurance for the property owner
€ They increase the value of the commercial property
€ They establish a barrier to stop people from wandering into sections of the commercial property that could be dangerous to them
€ They protect companies from theft and acts of vandalism
€ They can be used to keep guard dogs from exiting the premises or from being able to bite people on the outside of the property boundaries
€ These are often built around prisons and institutions
€ They are built around the air conditioning units of large institutions to prevent them from being tampered with
€ These are generally used around zoos as animal enclosures. This is done to keep the animals in and uninvited guests out.
€ Electric power stations have these items to stop people from being able to get in them
€ Construction companies build these to keep their equipment locked away
€ Junk yards and storage facilities use these to keep people from wandering around on the property and being injured, and they are perfect for providing protection to the stored property

Privacy fences
€ These are generally six feet in height
€ They are usually constructed of fencing boards
€ They are normally seen on residential properties
€ They generally are placed around back yards that have swimming pools or families that like to bar-b-cue
€ The posts for these items are usually not placed into the ground using concrete to hold them
€ These items do increase the property value
€ These items do not decrease the cost of insurance rates unless the homeowner does have a swimming pool on the premises. If there is a pool present these items can reduce the insurance cost because they protect small children and animals from inadvertently wandering onto the property and falling into the pool.
€ They can be used to keep pets from getting lost or going into the street
€ These items are frequently used around the play areas at daycare centers so that the children are not capable of getting injured, lost, or otherwise out of the sight of their care givers.

It is possible for security fences to also be privacy fences. This is not extremely common, but these items can be built to block the view of people on the outside. They will not be made of the same materials that the ones constructed around homes would be.

Most commercial property owners erect security fences to protect their property from theft and vandalism. The security fences are built from stronger materials than the average privacy fence is.

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