The Different Types Of Pool Pump

by Pool Builders on 12-14-2010 in Articles

Everybody loves to have a pool in their home but only owners know that maintaining a pool is difficult and this is where having a pool pump helps. The pump system usually runs on an electric motor, which remains concealed in a pump room or shed so that all that you see is a well designed and clean pool.

It is critical that pool is kept hygienic as it could otherwise result in swimmers getting bacterial infections or other water-borne diseases. In order to keep the pool water safe for swimming, in addition to chemicals the owner has to have a complete pool system installed and a pool pump is at the heart of this system. The pump is responsible for redistributing the water through the drains, strainers and filters until it is safe for use once more.

There are several types of pool pumps that are available. An owner can choose between a pool pump that is fixed above the ground or inside the ground. Since a pump that is located above the ground will have gravitational forces working against it, drawing water into the pump will require more power. An in ground pump on the other hand requires a lot of work for installation.

Pool pumps also differ in terms of speed. A single speed pool pump works only at one particular speed while a variable speed pump can work at more than one speed. The advantage of having two speeds is that it helps in cleaning the pool faster while it is in use and it can be switched to the slower speed when not in use, to save on operating costs. A variable speed pump is also useful for heated pools as a slower speed is required for running the water through the heater while a higher speed is necessary for filtration.

Another factor in deciding which pool pump to get is the size. If you have a small pool, then getting a big pump may be fun for a while as the added power will help create a wave effect. However, in the long run, your operating expenses could go up unnecessarily. Similarly, having a small pump for a big pool may result in your pool not being cleaned well enough.

For getting advice on what type of pump would work best for your pool, it is best to visit or consult a pool supplies company. They specialize in the field of pool maintenance and will be able to give you guidance of the most cost and energy-efficient pool pump that is within your budget.

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